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Sat5urday night at the Escape.

Saturday night is here and I am going out with my friends at the Escape. I was really looking forward to it as always. I started getting ready early as I wanted to try a different eye makeup look. I have tried to do a winged eye liner and it never turns out well so I spent a little time online looking at different pictures with different looks till I found the one I wanted to try and match. I actually spent 15 SUsan miller eye makeupminutes or more doing my eyes and for the first time I think the eyeliner turned out well. This is one of the fun things about makeup, trying different looks. Anyway from start to finish I spent 1 1/2 hours getting ready and loved every minute of it, my night was off to a great start.

I got to the Escape at 6 as I like to get there a little early as it is just good to be out. I ordered dinner and got out my computer. Cassandra showed up next, about 6:10 as she also came out early. It was good to see her, she hast to get up early Sunday so she wont be out late tonight. Cristine showed up just a little after Cassandra. We spent a little time talking about our new web page, we have a little over 100 people signedSusan Miller up now and I think I have met at least 90 of them in person at least once. Here are a couple close up pictures, I went with a darker wine color lipstick. Still not sure if it is right for me. I really only wear it when I wear my maroon dress.

Nicole showed up next and it was good to see her again. It was nice to talk with her again and we had a good chance to talk. Nicole got a chance to go out today as Nicole shopping and that is always fun. It is something I like to do and I love hearing about others who feel the same way. It is hard to explain why being Susan and going out is so fun and relaxing, most f the time I am out I am not thinking about how I am dressed. I am just being me.

Now Nicole and I took some pictures, well Nicole took a few pictures of me and I Susan Miller at the Escapetook a few of her. It is fun getting pictures but as I said I have gotten so comfortable as Susan I often forget about how I am dressed and getting pictures. We were talking and neither of us have many pictures of our male side but many of our female side.

Melissa, Katie and Stacy also showed up so we had a pretty good turn out. We talked about Harvey’s Comedy club next week both Melissa and Katie are going. we actually have 16 signed up to go right now so we should have a good turnout. We also talked about Diva Las Vegas, they have tentative dates of March 26 to March 31 of 2017. I am planning on going, so is Cassandra. I think the other girls are interested as it really is a fun event. I am thinking we could have a big group of our girls going next year. If you have never herd of Diva Las Vegas you really should check out their web page. This is a really fun event and a wonderful way to spend some time as your female self.

A little later one of the girls here name Hannah asked if she could join us and we said yes. She sat and talked with us for probably a half hour, She was really nice and fun to talk with. I really do enjoy meeting new people something I don’t do well. It was a fun night. It was after 11 when I called it a night.

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