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Time for some Susan time on a Friday night

The weekend is here and I am ready for some Susan time. It will be a lot of fun as Nicole is in town this weekend so I am looking forward to seeing her. I got home a little after 4 as I stopped at the gym on my way home. I am still doing good at going.  I think this is the end of my 17th week since I joined and I am starting to see a little weight loss finally but I am in much better shape. On Wednesday I did 40 minutes going forward on the easiest level as fast as I could and went 3.69 miles in the 40 minutes followed by 15 minutes going backwards on level 5 on the elliptical  and then did some weights. On Thursday I did the same time on the Elliptical but on level 12 and in the 40 minutes going forward I went 2.68 miles and of course my 15 minutes backwards which I use as my cool down time. Well today I kicked it up to level 13 for 40 minutes going 2.46 miles and 15 minutes backwards. Well that is my update for the gym.

I started getting ready as soon as I got home, I have been looking forward to this all day. After a long day there is no better way to relax than transforming into Susan. It was a little after 6 when I was ready to go. Now I knew it would be busy tonight as the other group has another birthday celebration tonight, it is Craig’s birthday. He is the guy who runs the Karaoke.

I got there and Chris and Robyn were already there. the table they were at was full so I sat at the next table with a couple guys that I know from the bar but I was close enough I could still talk with Chris and Robyn. I ordered dinner, the special as it was a steak dinner.

Nicole showed up and she joined me at my table so we were able to talk. It was good to see her again as she only gets to Portland about 5 times a year. it was good to catch up with her and find out what was knew and of curse talk about the fun stuff like cloths, makeup and shopping. Roxy also showed up and a friend of Robyn’s an English man so he joined our table and we had a nice long talk with him, well he did most of the talking but it was still fun.

It got later and Karaoke started and by now the place was packed. Nicole called it a night but I will see her again Saturday night at the Escape. Roxy and Chris also left so I moved over to the table Robyn and the English man were at no so we could all talk easier. Now being a bar most people drink and of course the Englishman spilled his beer which went all down my leg, didn’t get on my dress but soaked my pantyhose and heels and of course I now smelt like beer instead of my perfume.

Diane and Rose also showed up, rose had her new boyfriend with her so he got to meet all of us. it was good to see them again especially Rose as it has been a long time since she has been out. we talked a little before I stood in line to pay my bill as I said it was really busy tonight. On my way out a gave Craig a hug and wished him a happy birthday.

outside I was almost to my car when I ran into Angie so we talked for a bit. she told me I have nice legs, I love compliments. We talked a little while before I left. it really was a fun night and the people here really do make you feel welcome. now I am looking forward to Saturday night.

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