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Saturday night at the Escape

I was ready for a night out with my friends. Now I had to work today so I didn’t get home till after 4 so I was a little tired but that was not going to stop me. I started to get ready with a nice relaxing shower and then started my makeup. This is such a relaxing and peaceful time, as soon as I start my transition from male to female all my cares go away. I was ready and on my way to the Escape and got there at 6.

They weren’t very busy yet and I was the first of our group to get there but it wasn’t long and Cristine and Cassandra showed up. It was good to see them again. I haven’t seen Cassandra for a while as I missed 2 Saturdays and she missed the last one. It was nice to have a chance to talk. Cassandra showed me a few of the upgrade that were made to our web page Our new web page is doing well, it has been up for 10 weeks now and we are up to 103 members, most were members of our yahoo group but we have picked up some new members also.

I had a nice dinner, a Caesar salad with chicken as I am trying to eat a little healthier along with working out. Yes I am still going to the gym almost every day. I joined the gym 15 weeks ago today and I think I have only missed 8 days in all that time. 

Teresa also showed up tonight and it was good to see her. we had a nice chance to talk and I helped her join our group. She was trying to do it on her phone and was having trouble so I let her use my computer. Cassandra, Teresa and I talked about Diva Las Vegas next year. We are all planning on going. They have set their dates (tentative) Sunday March 26 to Friday March 31. I am really looking forward to it as I missed this years. As soon as they make the dates final I will try to get my vacation time. It really is a fun t-girl event so you should really check out their web page Diva Las Vegas and be sure and check out their pictures from pervious years.

A few other girls showed up, Katie, Jamie and her girlfriend and Missy so it was a smaller turnout tonight but still a lot of fun. Karaoke started and again there weren’t a lot of people here tonight but those who sang did a good job. I hadn’t planned on staying out to late. I ended up calling it a night at 11. It was a wonderful night out


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