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Finally a chance to get out as Susan

Okay it has been a little over 2 weeks since I have had a chance to be Susan, My last outing was as short one just to get my nails done so I was looking forward to tonight. It really is amazing how much I miss my feminine side when I can’t express it. I get to go out to Sweet Home and see some of my friends and of course things are back to normal and I should be able to get back to going out twice a week and now I am looking forward to my vacation coming up in a few weeks. I will have 7 days of being Susan and of course will get my nails a pretty red. I hope do get together with some of my friends that week, Maybe some shopping, Movie, dinner or lunches maybe even a trip to the beech. I will have to post in our group the and see if any of my friends are available that week. Any way back to tonight.

I started getting ready as soon as I got home from the gym, yes I am still going to the gym almost every day. I joined the gym 3 months ago and I think I gone to the gym everyday only missing 8 days in all that time. It was nice to take a nice relaxing shower and start transforming into being Susan. The time I take becoming Susan is so wonderful and calming to me. I spent about an hour in a half getting ready for my night out. One of my Facebook friends Dixie Mo may make it out to meet me tonight if she can in boy mode though.

I got to Sweet Home at 6:30 and went in. Chris and Roxy were there already, it was great to see them again, I really do miss my friends when I can’t get out. Now it wasn’t really busy yet but it was just good to be out. I ordered dinner which was awesome as always, maybe a little to much as I didn’t eat it all as I had to save room for Cheesecake.

Robyn also showed up tonight and it was good to see her again. It was nice to talk with her. It was such a relaxing fun night out. Heather also made it out, she is one of the wonderful friends I have made here at Sweet Home. I always look forward to seeing her as she always has a hug to give, I really like that about being female as it seems it is so natural for woman to hug each other and everyone needs hugs. Angie also showed up another friend I have made here who is also really nice. Actually all the people here are wonderful and treat me like any other person here. Next Friday Angie is having her birthday party here and it is a cat theme and she wanted to make sure we would be here. I am looking forward to it although I won’t be able to stay out late next week.

Diana also showed up tonight a little after 10, She hasn’t been out for several months so it was good to see her again. Chris and Roxy had already left so it was just the 3 of us. Karaoke was going on and it is fun to listen to as some of the singers are really good. It was almost 11 when Dixie Mo showed up. It was nice to meet her even if she wasn’t able to be her female self tonight. She is a member of the Emerald City t-girl group in Seattle and was in town tonight. It was nice to talk with her. We had a chance to get to know each other and she was interested in our group and how we get such good turnout. We talked and I explained about our new web page and how we are going to new places and our Wednesday night dinners at new places. WE even talked about Harvey’s Comedy club. Dixie Mo may try to get some of the girls from the Emerald City to come down and go to Harvey’s.

I am looking forward to Harvey’s this month as our favorite Comedian Julie Scoggins will be in town this month. It is always a fun night going here. Our group really does do some fun things. Dixie and I talked for a while before she had to leave as she was driving back home tonight. It really was nice meeting her.

Rachel also made it tonight, She helped us find Sweet Home after we were kicked out of the P-club. I got a chance to talk with her for a while which is always nice. It was almost 11:30 when I called it a night. It really was a fun night out. and now I am looking forward to Saturday night at the Escape and to see more of my friends. Thanks for reading



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