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Out at Sweet Home

The weekend is here and I get some time to relax and be Susan. I really look forward to this as it is a big part of me and my life. It took me years to reconcile both sides of who I am. I am often asked about me and my life and how I feel. I really think for some it is hard to understand, I mean they can understand someone who wants to transition or feels they are the opposite sex but when it comes to someone who feels they fit into both genders it can be hard. By this I mean I feel I am male at times and am happy as male but I also feel at times I am female and happy when I am female. Now that being said I am more comfortable in the feminine role and when I am Susan. There is something peaceful and relaxing about being Susan.

I am often asked when I will transition and be my true self and to that I always answer the same. I am my true self not. I have no desire to transition. If I did Transition to female I would still be a crossdresser for the simple fact I would still need my male side and would have to crossdress the other way to male. You see I am not complete without both sides of me. Now that being said there are things I like about being Susan so much I would do them all the time if I could and yes the top of the list is my nails. I really do love long pretty nails and if I could I would have long red nails all the time. It really is a shame men can’t have pretty nails in todays society. Now I have been going to a nail salon now for almost a year every 2 to 3 weeks now and they are a little longer then most men would wear and shaped a little better but so far no issues. Well enough about this and on to Friday night.

I got to Sweet home at 6:30 and went in. Chris and Roxy were there and a few other people were at their table so I sat at the next table where I could still talk with them some. I also had my computer so I was Able to catch up on some work. I ordered dinner which was awesome as always. Now a couple time people came and sat at my table which was fine and nice as I did get a chance to talk with them. One of the reasons this is a nice place as the people who come here are really nice and friendly.

Now it was a quiet night here as the other main group that comes here are away for the Holiday weekend so it won’t be really busy. It was about 9 when Jeremy and Tina came in. I met them a while ago and have talked with them on several occasions. They sat at my table and we had a nice conversation. They really are really nice. I really have met some wonderful people here. Now talking with them they are still trying to understand my duel gender rolls but then it took me years to understand it. I think it is easier for people to understand one gender or the other. I guess that is a good way of looking at it as I have a duel gender and need both of them at different times. It was a fun night but it was almost 10 PM and has been a long day as I got up early so I called it a night.

Now I am looking forward to Saturday night as we are going to Harvey’s Comedy Club which is always a fun night and I am already thinking about what I should wear.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend.

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