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Saturday night at the Escape.

Saturday night at the Escape is always a fun night and I was looking forward to it as always. I got to the Escape at 6 as I wanted to be a little early so I could do my blog from Thursday and Friday. I was just finishing my blog when Laura and Dianna showed up, it was a little after 7. I wasn’t sure how many would show up tonight as 16 of us are going Golfing on Sunday. The 3 of us talked for a while, Dianna was having trouble getting onto our new web site. Seems she forgot what her password was. This gave me a chance to reset her password so she could get back on. It was kind of funny as Jenny showed up and had also forgot what she used as a password too.

It was just the 4 of us for a while and for a while looked like we would be it for the night. Laura and I talked a little about golf as we were both golfing Sunday. Dee stopped by for a little bit but didn’t stay long. She is also golfing with us. I also had planned not to stay to late as I am picking Julie up at 10:30 as she is riding with me to the golf course which will be so much fun. That also means I need to be up early to get ready. Yes I will spend an hour or more doing my makeup Sunday morning to go out golfing in the sun and heat for the day. I am sure every woman does that for golfing.

Karaoke started and the normal guy who does it was not there but the man filling in did a good job. Bambi and her girlfriend showed up and also Missy and Lorie. It turned out we had a pretty good turnout tonight and wonderful conversation. It also means I stayed out later than I planned Karaoke was going and some of the songs were ones I new really well so I was singing along with them. I still didn’t have the courage to get up and sing but I was having fun.

It was almost midnight when I left. It was a fun night and now I am looking forward to golfing. More on that to follow.

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