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A quiet Friday

Friday is here and I was looking forward to going out. Our group the Rosecitytgirls is not very active on Fridays any more and I know Chris is out of town so I might be the only one out but that was not going to stop me. It is funny as 8 years ago Friday night was the big night for our group and now it seems to be Saturday.

I got all dressed and wore my black and white summer dress as it is still really hot out today, upper 90’s. Now I though about what I could do and decided to go to Sweet Home as I wanted dinner. I figured I would hang out there till 9 and see if anyone else showed up. I got there about 6:30 and there were only a few people there. I got out my computer and caught up on some work before going to more important things like Facebook and our web page. It was a little after 7 when I ordered dinner.

Dinner came and it was really good as always, they really do have good food here. Of course after dinner I had to have a piece of Cheesecake. Good thing I am still going to the gym. Tomorrow I will start week 11 going to the gym. I have only loss a little weight but my waist is a little smaller and I do feel a lot better. It is funny as after I work out I should be tiered and I am to a point but I actually feel better than I did before I got to the gym.

It was about 9 when it started to get a little busy but still no one from our group tonight. Well I decided to stay a little longer as I was already out and I had my computer. It was almost 10 when I called it a night as I have a busy weekend a head of me.

Saturday morning I have to get up early to go to the gym. After that I want to go to the golf driving range as I have not golfed in a year and our group is having its yearly Rose city t-girls golf tournament on Sunday at Wildwood golf course. Then I have things I have to do before going to the Escape Saturday night. Yes I will be out as Susan 4 days in a row.

It has been a fun couple days and I am really looking forward to golfing and spending the whole day Sunday as Susan.

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