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Quick trip to the nail salon.

Okay a short post tonight. I have needed to get to the nail salon and get a manicure as it has been 3 weeks now. I have found that a manicure with Gel polish looks good for 2 weeks and stands up really well. But by 3 weeks it starts to chip in the ends and you are more likely to break a nail and I have worked to hard to get and keep my nails looking nice. After work I stopped at the gym which is in the same complex as my nail salon and worked out for an hour. I am finishing up my 10th week working out and during that 10 weeks I have only missed 4 days which is pretty good I think. Any way after I worked out I called the nail salon from the parking lot to see if I could get in tonight for a manicure. Anna had an opening at 5:30 so I took it. It was just a couple minutes after 4 so I drove home and got right into the shower to get ready. It really is nice the nail salon is so close as I would have never had time to go much further. I was ready and out the door by 5:15 and drove back over to the nail salon. It is funny as when I am at the gym I wonder if someone from the nail salon will recognize my car and me but when I am at the nail salon I wonder the same thing about someone from the gym.

It was only 5:20 when I got there so I was a little early but they were not that busy probably because of the heat so Anna was ready for me, and I sat right down at the manicure table. There was another lady right next to me getting her nails done. It really is so relaxing and fun to get your nails done. I went with clear pink again as it really is a nice look and since I can’t have a pretty red when I am not Susan this will have to work.

It was 6 pm when she finished and my nails looked so nice. I had a little time and I was hungry so I drove to Panda Express and went in and got dinner. I have gone to this Panda Express a few times now and always been treated well here. It may seem funny to talk about something as simple as going to get something to eat but it really is a big deal for a lot of trans people. Just to be able to do the things that everyone takes for granted. 10 years ago it was a heat pounding effort just to go through the drive thru. It really is amazing how far I have come as Susan.

After I ate there is a Starbucks across the street so I went till about 8:30 and caught up on e-mails and other things I needed to do such as checking out our new web page I was only out for 3 hours but it was so worth it and so relaxing.

I got home just as it got dark and walked across the street to get my mail without even thinking about it. None of my neighbors were out. I then decided to water some of my plants outside by my drive. I was only out there less then 5 minutes and I saw no one. It really is nice to just be Susan for a while.

Thanks for reading.


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