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Thursday night dinner at a friends

Tonight was going to be a fun night. Susan was going to do something so normal and it may not sound that interesting but it really was. I was going over to a friends house for a BBQ. Now I would not be out in public where people could see me but that was okay. Over the years I have grown from dressing just at home, to going out to transgender places with friends, to going out to just about anyplace and that has really helped make Susan a normal part of my life. Tonight would be just a quiet night visiting a friend, something so ordinary but yet still very special.

I have wanted to get together with Julie sense she got back from her trip so I could hear all about it. Tonight we both had an open evening and Julie invited me over to her house for a BBQ. Now even being something so everyday I still spent over an hour getting ready and doing my makeup, yes I wanted to look my best. I really thin it is the feminine side of me. I did my makeup, cute dress, jewelry and even perfume. Some may think is a little bit much but for me it is the whole experience of becoming, and being Susan. It was about 6 when I left home and boy was it hot outside, upper 90’s so I was glad I wore my summer dress.

It only took about 20 minutes to get to Julie’s, I have been here a couple times before when we went to the Red Dress party as I picked her up and drove. Actually next weekend she is also going golfing with the group at Wildwood golf course so I will pick her up that day also and we will ride together. It makes the drive more fun and as I said before adds that touch of normal to it. I really like being able to do things as Susan that everyone else does without thinking about. It may seem strange to some but a 10 years ago no one new my male name, where I lived, what kind of car I drove or anything else that might have connected my 2 lives together. That line has really blurred the last few years for me and for a lot of my friends and that is a wonderful feeling.

I got to Julie’s and she was all dressed up to, she had on a cute summer dress also but hers was a long one. Now it was still hot outside so we sat in the house where it was 75 for a while and had a snack and drink and just talked. Julie told me all about her vacation and it sounded like she had so much fun. She got to take Julie along and went out several times on the trip. It was about 7:30 when we went out on the deck as the sun was down behind the house and there was a slight breeze and was very pleasant outside. Julie Showed me around her as she Susan at Julie's househas a nice deck and a patio and even a putting green, no wonder she is so good at golf.

We put the steak on the grill and of course had a little time to take some pictures. Now her yard and deck are pretty private but a couple of the neighbors can see it from there upper windows. One has to wonder if they saw us and if so whet did they think, could they get a good enough view to realize who we were or did they just think there were a couple of woman on the deck. Years ago it would haveSusan at Julie house terrified me to think someone might have seen me and now I don’t care that much and more interested in what they are thinking about it.

It really was a wonderful evening out and we got caught up in pictures that we almost forgot about our dinner on the grill. We had to rush a little to get it out and on the table. Now we did eat inside at the table and had a really nice dinner. Julie is a wonderful cook and great with a BBQ. it really was a relaxing social evening of good food and conversation.

Julie relaxing on the deckHere is a picture of Beautiful Julie relaxing on the deck. It really was a fun night. After dinner we had Ice Cream out on the deck as it was really nice out there now. We sat on the deck till after 10, what a wonderful evening. Thank you Julie for dinner and a wonderful night.


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  1. I really enjoyed your Thursday night dinner blog. You not only did a wonderful job of explaining the evening, and expressing your feelings, but it was also insightful as to what you and Julie wore for the evening and you even provided photos. I like it when you explain what you wear, it’s something I can use as a guide.

    Comment by Lori Michelle | August 20, 2016 | Reply

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