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Saturday at the Escape

I am looking forward to going to the Escape tonight. It has been a really hot today so I am thinking of wearing my summer dress. I started getting ready at 4:30 and took my time as I really do enjoy transforming into Susan. Now even though I took my time knowing what I was going to wear and as such I knew just how I wanted to do my makeup and that always makes it go faster. I was ready to leave by 5:45 and on my way for a fun night out. I got to the Escape a little after 6.

The Escape was a little busy for being so early, I wasn’t sure how many girls would be out tonight but that was okay. I knew Nicole would be there as she was in town for the night and I was looking forward to seeing her. I also figured Cristine would be there. I got out my computer for something to do while I Susan at the Eape 8-13-2016 (1)waited. Nicole Showed up shortly after I did so I put my computer away so we could talk and yes we did take some pictures. Such a cute look and so comfortable on a hot summer day.

It was good to see Nicole and catch up with her. We ordered dinner and had a nice time talking. It was a little before 7 when Cristine arrived and I really thought that might be all of us. Of course by now it was getting really busy so it was good we got there early and got a table. Now as I said Nicole and I wanted some pictures and we got talking about selfie’s, I told her my tip for taking selfie’s and will share with you. I have a hard time holding my phone at arms length and pushing the button to take the picture so what I did was set the self timer for 2 seconds. That way I can push the button and then extend my arm and give it aSusan selfie 8-3-2016 second to focus before the picture is taken and it works really well.

Dee showed up for a little while which was nice, the 4 of us sat and talked for a little while. She couldn’t stay long but it was still good she could get out. Soon it was just Nicole , Cristine and me again but only for a short while. Laura M. and Lisa showed up and again just for a little bit. They had been down on the water front all day at the Bite of Oregon. So again they had a drink and stayed for just a little while before leaving. It is funny as I was thinking it was a shame they couldn’t stay longer but then I realized this was the same as some of the other groups here where people came and went.

Katie showed up next, I have met her once before when she came to the Escape. It is a funny story as Katie and Lorie both came to the Escape one night not sure if any other t-girls would be here and they actually arrived at the same time and met each other outside before coming in and finding our group here. It was good to see her again and tonight I got a chance to talk with her more and get to know her. We talked about our new web site the and encouraged Susan at the Eape 8-13-2016 (2)her to join. I was telling her all about some of the events we have coming up including our golf tournament and she was really interested in that. Lorie also showed.

Karaoke started and the bar was really busy, as a matter of fact we were sharing our table with some of the other people there as it was so busy now. It was also getting loud and hard to talk. Nicole called it a night. It was really nice she could make it down for the weekend and go out. It will be a few months before she can get back to Portland again and go out but we will keep in touch on Facebook and the new group web site.

It was a really good crowd tonight here and that is always fun, Rachel and her wife Heather also showed up, Rachel was the one who helped us find Sweet Home after the P-Club issue and of course found the Escape also. They are both wonderful people and I am glad to have them as friends. I also got to meet Heathers daughter who was out with them tonight.

It was almost 11:30 when I left and the bar was still packed. I think this is one of the biggest crowds I have seen here and it was great. It really was a wonderful night out and I really do have wonderful friends as Susan. I really do have a wonderful life.

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  1. What a lovely post! While reading your post, it felt like i was visiting with a very dear friend.

    Comment by georgiakevin | August 15, 2016 | Reply

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