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A wonderful week

Okay I have got behind in my blogs so I will catch them up briefly in one. Last Saturday our group was out at the Escape for our normal Saturday night out. We had a really good turnout about 15 girls if I remember correctly but I will not even try to remember the names at this point a week later. I did get there early right a head of Cassandra so we got a chance to talk before other showed up.

Our group the Rose City T-Girls has been around since the fall of 2007 and we have used Yahoo groups to manage our group. Now don’t get me wrong we loved Yahoo groups as it really helped us connect with each other but they have done several upgrades and it is just not as user friendly as it us to be so we have been talking the last few months about doing our own web page, one we design and have total control over. and we were really close. Cassandra had the basic web page done so she showed it to me to get my thoughts and it really looks great.

Well other girls started to show up so I put away my computer so I could I could talk with some of them. It was a fun night as always but my mind was on our web page. Karaoke started and it got busy and several of our girls sang. it really was a fun night. It was almost midnight when I left a lot later then I normally stay out.

By Wednesday our web sight was done and Peggy, Cassandra, Cristine and I got together to go over the web sight and make sure everything was right and looked good and for Cassandra to show us some of the Administrator functions, We all have a lot to learn and I am sure there will be some issues and mistakes as we learn. We met at 6 and had only planned on a couple hours. Amy also showed up as she was in town. It was awesome to see her again. We had a nice dinner and all of us had our computers and were playing on the web sight and in the control functions. It was a little after 11 when I left for home.

That brings us to Friday, we plan on going live with our web sight Saturday morning so I really need to have the Administrator functions down as some of it is public but some is member only. We have 6 of us that are running the sight, Cassandra as the owner, Julie and I are Super Administrators, Cristine and Laura are Administrators and Peggy is a sight helper all are really just titles we needed to fill.

I got a late start out Friday night so I just went to Starbucks for what I thought would be a couple hours. I got there at 7 and it was after 11 when I left. Peggy and Cassandra were also online, one of the cool things about our sight is you can see who else is logged into the sight. Any way we were messaging each other as we tried to figure out all the functions and of course going through each page looking for mistakes. Cassandra did a wonderful job on all the pages. there were no mistakes I could find accept for a couple places she put an extra space between words. I doubt anyone would have ever caught it though. the only reason I did is I copied it and pasted it in word to check it as my spelling is not that good. I wasn’t going to fix them as it was so minor but then I decided to so I could get some practice updating pages.

The 6 of us are really excited and looking forward to Saturday morning when we go live with the web sight. We will keep the Yahoo group open for several months so members can get their pictures and we have time to move everyone over to our new web sight. I know we will lose some members as I am sure some of the members no longer follow the group, we had 328 members in the Yahoo Group and I am hopeful we will retain a good amount of them.

Now it is Saturday and our web sight has gone live, This is a huge leap forward for our group. Now we just have to reach out and make sure all our member know about it and sign up. Tonight we will be at the Escape again and I am sure a lot of the conversation will be about the new web sight. I have my computer with me and I am sure Cassandra will bring hers. I love our group as it is with their help I am where I am.

Thanks for reading

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