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A rare Sunday night out for dinner.

well it is rare for me to get out on a Sunday night but things worked out tonight as I don’t have to work early Monday. I have a friend in town for a couple day and we have only talked online so it was a chance to meet her. We are both members of the Vanity Club and have been friends on Facebook for a few year. Her name is Stephanie Shostak and she lives in Canada. It is amazing how the internet brings people together. She has actually came to Portland a few times before but I wasn’t able to get out those times but tonight I was going to make it. It was a rush though, one of my faster times getting ready. I got home just a little after 6 and it was a rush from the time I walked into the house. I think the key was not thinking to much about getting ready, I knew what I was going to wear and just how I would do my makeup and that always help. I was on my way and downtown Portland parking my car right at 7.

We were meeting at Hobos for dinner. I have gone here for dinner several times over the years and they really do have good food and service. Now I knew Stephanie would be there but I wasn’t sure who else was coming. II t was a 2 block walk from where I parked but a nice night so I didn’t mind. I got there and Stephanie and Gina were already there. I have met Gina before I had dinner with her and Stefia so it was good to see her again. It was really nice to finally meet Stephanie.

We talked for a while and waited to see if anyone else would make it tonight. It was nice to talk and get to know her in person. No one else made it so we ordered dinner and had a wonderful time just talking. There is just something special about a girls night out enjoying a nice meal and engaging in good conversation. Being just the 3 of us it gave us a good chance to get to know each other better.

Stephanie, me and Gina (1)It is amazing how fast the time past and soon it was 10 pm. Of course we had to get some pictures. Our waitress who was awesome took several pictures of us on our phones. It was sad to see the night come to an end but I was so wonderful toStephanie, me and Gina (2) finally meet her. I really have met some wonderful people as Susan and am really am thankful that Susan is part of my life because without her I would have missed out on meeting so many wonderful friends.

I am looking forward to her next visit and also getting together with Gina again. It was a wonderful night.

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