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A fun and relaxing Saturday.

Okay my day started off going to the gym, I am really making an effort to go every day and today marks the 21st day out of 22 and 18 days in a row. Now Susan didn’t get to go out Friday night as I kind of over did it at the gym and tweaked my back. luckily today although it still a little soar but not like last night. Any way I got home from the gym and called to see if I could get in and get my nails done today. I called Dream Nails and Annie had an opening at 3:30 so I set up an appointment. Now I was really looking forward to this as I really do love going to the nail salon.

I got to the nail salon at 3:20 and went in, Annie was done with her last client and asked me to pick out the color I wanted. I chose first kiss again which really is a light pink, not as pink when I put the matt polish on it but a really nice color. Annie showed me some new colors she got in and one was just a little more pink then the one I picked and I really thought about it but stayed with first kiss.

Annie started on my nails and she really does a wonderful job. She asked me if I wanted them trimmed back which I really didn’t but they were really long at least when I am not Susan so I told her to trim them back. She trimmed them back maybe a little shorter then I would have liked but it will be a little over 2 weeks before I can get back to the nail salon as 2 weeks from today I won’t be able to get back to the nail salon so it will be about 2 1/2 weeks when I get back. t was so relaxing I really do love getting my nails done. it was a little after 4 when my nails were all done and really pretty. light pink and super shiny.

I left the nail salon and went to Starbuck’s on Mill Plain to work on my computer. Starbuck’s really is a good place to go if you are looking for a place to be out that is pretty safe. Now I wore a nice skirt and top to the nail salon with medium heels in a wedge style but I did bring spiked heels for the night out which I put on before going into Starbucks’s. They were a little busy but I got my drink and got a table up in the front corner by the door. There was a young lady at the next table that told me how cute my heels were and I thanked her. Now I had about an hour and a half before I would leave for the Escape and it is amazing how fast the time goes by.

The lady at the next table asked me if I liked electronic music turns out she was I guess for lack of a better term creating music with her computer. I told her I had never really listened to it but she asked if I would listen to two tracks she had made and tell her which on I like so I did. Now as I said I am not that big on it but I thought the second one was better, had more of a futuristic sound so that was the one I picked and it terns out that was the one she liked the most too. We chatted a couple more times before I left, it was a fun experience.

I got to the Escape just a little after 6 and went in. they were really busy turns out they had a bridle party going on. I got out my computer to pass time but it wasn’t long and Laura M. showed up and right behind her was Cristine and Cassandra. We talked some we are talking about making one night a month at Southside Speakeasy in Salem as we have several girls now that live down there and have started going there. I have been there once several years ago so it would be nice to go back.

It wasn’t long and more girls showed up. Jenny, Laura H. Lisa, Cassie, Bambi and her girlfriend, Missy, Lorie, Teresa, Michelle and I am sure I missed someone. We had a really good turnout tonight. it was a fun night and lots of good conversation, the perfect girls night out.

Karaoke started and the bridle party left and it was pretty much just our group now. Michelle said she was thinking of singing so I told her if she sang a song I would also after all tonight would be a good night as there weren’t many people other then our group here. I found a song I think I can sing so I was waiting for Michelle, she had several songs but couldn’t decide on one so to keep a long story short we never did get up and sing. About 10 it got a little busier as more people showed up but it was still a fun night out.

I stayed there till a little after 11 before I called it a night, it is funny 6 years ago I didn’t even go out till after 10 when it got dark. It was a fun night and a wonderful day.

Thanks for reading.

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