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Saturday night at the Escape, Pride weekend.

I was really looking forward to tonight and going out with my friends. My goal was to start getting ready at 4:30 with the hope of being to the Escape by 6 pm but lets start a little earlier in the day. I have been talking about trying to loose some weight and yes also get in shape. I have started exercising and then stopped so many times I can’t count. Well the last time I got my nails done I noticed there is a small fitness center in the same complex called Snap fitness so as I was out taking care of things in y male life I stopped in and checked it out. They have no contract so it is pay by the month which  like and even though they have limited staffed hours they give you a key card so you can go there 24/7. Well I ended up joining in hopes I can stay with it. It is close to my house and I go right by it every day. I am only putting it here in my blog again in hopes that will motivate me more as I intend to keep track of my progress here on my blog. I actually went back about 3 and spent an hour there working out, wow I am out of shape.

I got home from working out and started getting ready for tonight. I took a little longer getting ready partly from choosing my outfit which I wound up going with the red dress I wore to the Red Dress Party. I was ready just before 6 and ready to leave. Now my neighbor across the street (one of the ones who knows about Susan moved) and I have new neighbors who I have met just once. well they had friends over and the man was out in his driveway with 2 of his friends unloading things from the car but I was read to go so I just pulled out of my garage and was on my way. My thought is if they figure it out they figure it out.

I got to the Escape about 6:20 and there were about 12 people there already. I ordered dinner and got out my computer to pass the time till others showed up. Now I couldn’t connect to the internet turns out they were having wi-fi issues. Wow what to do now, well didn’t have to wait long and Debbie showed up so I had someone to talk with. It was nice to talk with her, I have talked with her before but always in a group setting so I really enjoyed our one on one talk as I learned more about her.

Now I didn’t really know how many from our group would be out tonight, With Pride going on this weekend I figured it would either be a big turnout as everyone was out or they would be tired and not show up so it could be small. either way it would be a busy night at the bar so it would be a fun night.

Jan and Lynn were the next to show up, They had been at the Pride Transgender parade today. Laura M. and Jenny also showed up so there were 6 of us and we were having a wonderful time talking. Missy and a couple of her friends also showed up, they had also been to Pride earlier today. Cassie and Lorie also showed up so we did have a big turn out tonight.

Now by 9 the bar was getting busy which I knew it would. all the tables were full and there were people standing, I think it was one of the biggest crowds I have seen here which made it so much fun but also got loud with everyone trying to talk over each other. Lories is new to coming out, I think this is her 3rd time out so she is still getting use to it but she always has a smile on her face so I know she is having fun. I remember when I first was going out and just being out put a smile on my face to. it was all so new and exciting. I didn’t get much of a chance to talk with her but I hope to get to know her better. It really was a fun night.

Karaoke started and it really got loud so talking kind of ended as you could really only talk with the person next to you. It was still fun to listen the the singing as some of them are really good. It really was a party atmosphere here tonight. I stayed till after 11 pm tonight before calling it a night. what a great night.

Thanks for reading.

Update on Sunday I did go back to the gym and work out again for an hour so that makes two days in a row and I am a little sore now. Now the funny thing is I am already thinking about stopping one night on my way home from being out as Susan and working out a little as Susan. I think that would be fun but I think I need to get a little more in shape first so that maybe a month or two down the line.


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  1. Good luck with the weight! It’s hard work but well worth the effort. It’s a combination of diet and exercise. You really have to pay attention to your eating habits as an average guy only needs about 2000 calories a day. I started managing my calorie consumption more than a year ago and have kept off an extra 30 pounds I didn’t need!

    Now Samantha doesn’t look pregnant any more! It’s great for that girly figure!

    Keep at it and don’t get discouraged. Make your motivation getting and keeping that cute figure. And as a bonus motivation: shopping for new clothes!

    Comment by Samantha | June 20, 2016 | Reply

    • Thanks,
      So far I am doing well, I made it to the gym 6 of the last 7 days for an hour. The first day was hard but I am feeling better now. I will have to work on my eating habits as I really like sweets although I did go 6 days with no soda pop, broke down today and had a Pepsi. I am not even going to step on a scale for a month as I am afraid if I don’t see weight coming off I may get discouraged.

      Comment by susanmiller64 | June 24, 2016 | Reply

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