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A fun Saturday for Susan.

I had big plans for Saturday, get my nails done in the morning then shopping maybe even Starbucks before going to the Escape tonight but didn’t work out that way. Something came up and my day was put on hold. Well I rushed as fast as I could to try and save some of the day. I got home at 2:30 and my first order of business was to call Dream nails and see if I could get in for a manicure as it has been 2 1/2 weeks and my nails were getting long and the gel polish was starting to to show signs of wear. Gel polish really does stand up well and last. Anna was able to get me in at 4:30 so I was looking forward to it. I started getting ready. The key was to dress casual enough for the nail salon but nice enough for a night out at the escape. I settled on my black skirt and a black and white knit top that I got at our clothing exchange. Now it only takes a couple minutes to get to the nail salon but as I was ready by 4:15 I went a head and left.

I got to the nail salon by 4:20 and went in. I was looking at the color wheels wishing I could wear some of the reds or pinks but when I am not Susan it just wouldn’t work. The lady next to me who had just got a pedicure her daughters treated her to asked if I was her for a pedicure I told her no just a manicure and told her I come every 2 to 3 weeks to get my nails done. I went back to looking at all the pretty colors girls get to wear. Now I usually get clear pink which is a clears with just the slightest pink tint but I have also gotten soft kiss which is more of a pale pink although on the color wheel the clear pink looks more pink. I decided I would get the soft kiss today.

Anna finished the lady she was doing and called me over and asked if I wanted clear pink and I told her no I was going with the soft kiss today. Anna started on my nails. put the finger tip applicators on my fingers to soften the gel polish to remove. One of the ladies getting a pedicure asked Anna what she was doing to my nails and she referred to me as her which made me feel good. Anna explained about the gel polish.

Now it was busy when I got there but only 1 other lady came in after me while I was there which for a Saturday surprised me. Now I am torn about going there when they are busy or slow. it really is more fun when there are a lot of woman there getting their nails done but when it is slow the nail techs take their time and are more social as they don’t have people waiting. They still do a great job ether way just more relaxing when it is slow.

Anna removed the old polish and pushed the cuticle back and asked about the length. Now I always tell her the same thing yes trim them back some. Now usually she uses nail trimmers and cuts them back pretty short of course by the time I come back to get them done they have grown out t a nice length. Any way she opened the drawer but instead of the nail trimmers she puled out a file and really just cleaned them up and filed off rough edges, really didn’t shorten them. Now I was torn as they really are long for a male but look great for a female. I decided to go with the length she had as I figured I can always file them shorter if I need to. I am still wondering why this time she didn’t cut them shorter maybe because I didn’t go with the clear color.

She finished that and was ready to put the polish on. now when she opened the bottle you could see the pink color this was more pink then the other one even though it didn’t look like it on the color wheel. She put a clear base coat on and 20160612_142701then the soft kiss which she did 2 coats followed by a clear top coat. my nails did look great and yes they were a pale pink and very  shinny and they looked long. They were perfect and just the way I wanted them but wondering20160612_070316 what I will do when I am not Susan.

Then  came the lotion and the hand and forearm massage. It was really relaxing and such a wonderful experience. Anna was talking with me and anther lady and as such it took her longer to do my nails but I was enjoying it. Anna thanked me for being so patient. I smiled and told her I was enjoying it I came here for the pampering, relaxing experience, if I just wanted my nails done I could have done them at home. She thanked me and me some come in and want their nails done perfect but as fast as they can. I can’t understand why you would go there to get your nails done if you wanted it that fast.

20160612_070347It was about 5:20 when I left there with my beautiful nails and decided I would just head to the Escape early as I did have my computer with me. As I was driving down the freeway I realized I forgot to put on perfume. I didn’t want to go back home but I really felt not right without it. I wear Fantasy by Britney Spears which I normally get at Wal-Mart. Someone told me they had seen it at Target and as there is one kind of on my way and I was early I decided to stop at Target and pick one up.

I got to Target and went in and found their perfume and they had 1 bottle on the shelf but they had a Britney Spears fantasy 20160611_175227intimate edition and I am not sure if it is the same but it was a  buy 1 get 1 50% off so I bought both.

After that I was on my way to the Escape. I got there about 5:45 and went in. I ordered dinner and got out my computer to wait and see who all showed up. I knew Nicole, Cristine and probably Laura M. would be here tonight. It was a little before 7 when Nicole showed up and Michelle and Debbie shortly after. It was good to see them out. We all sat and talked for a while and soon others showed up. Britney, Cristine, Laura M. and I think her name was Jessica so we had a good turn out.

We had a great time talking and we talked about things in our lives in general. it is funny how as I get more at ease about going out I find my willingness to talk more openly about myself and the lines between my male and female sides are blurring. A few years ago this would not have happened but I have such great friends and I am willing to share more of my life than just the Susan part.

About 9:30 Karaoke started and it got hard to talk any more as it was so loud there. Nicole called it a night, it was sad to see her go but I really did enjoy her visit and it sounds like she will be back every month for a while which is great. I think her next visit will be on a Harvey’s weekend.

A little later new girl showed up, I think her name was Lorie and this was her second time here. It was great to meat her and get t know her. The whole night she had a smile on her face so I knew she was having a good time and it took me back to when I was first going out and I was just so happy to just be out as Susan. Misty also showed up and then Laura H. and Lisa so we had a really good turnout tonight and I enjoyed talking with all of them.

It is amazing how fast the afternoon and evening went by and soon it was 11:30. I had to get up early tomorrow so I had to call it a night. It was sad to say goodnight but I will see them again next week.

Sunday morning I got up with my beautiful nails and new I had to put the mat nail polish on them as they were just too shinny for a gut at least as long as they were. for some reason shinny nails look longer I think. Well it turns out I am almost out out the mat nail polish, I was barely able to do my nails so I will have to get more. Now the funny thing is the mat polish makes my nails look shorter but I think it brings out the pink color more. It will be interesting at work this week. As long as they are now, about 1/8 inch if I don’t file the down I am guessing by the next time I go to the salon they will be 1/4 or more. I don’t think I can pull that length off in my male life.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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