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Friday and it is going to be a hot weekend out

Friday is here and I am looking forward to my night out even though the temperature this weekend is going to be hot. today it is almost 90 and the next couple days it will be close to 100 which for where I live is really hot. I started getting ready early as I really wanted to enjoy my relaxing time after a long and busy week. It is funny how relaxed I am when I start the transformation from male to female. I spent a little time picking out my outfit tonight as the other group is celebrating a few birthdays including Rikki and Alexis who I have come to know and like. anyway they are doing a formal night. I really don’t have any formal wear but I did pick out a nice dress I got at the clothing exchange a few weeks ago

I was all ready by 6, I opened the door to my garage and the heat hit me. I knew it would be hot tonight at Sweet Home as even though they have A/C with all those people in a small place it wouldn’t help much. I got to sweet home and found a parking spot close to the door but still had to leave the air-conditioned car and walk across the parking lot. it is funny as a guy I don’t mind the heat so much but Susan hates to sweat as it makes my makeup feel funny and I am sure doesn’t help the look. I got inside and it was a little busy. Chris and Roxy had just left before I got there as they were going to a concert, I knew there would be a good chance I would be here by myself but I really wanted to come and help celebrate Rikki and Alexis birthday. There was a table open with a coup;e empty drinks on it and Paul came over and cleaned it so I could sit down well it turned out it wasn’t empty as the two guys that had been sitting there were over at the jukebox Any way I was going to move but they said I could share the table with them so I did. They were both really nice and I have seen them here before and met them.

I did some stuff on my computer and also talked with them some, George who was sitting next to me was really nice and after his friend left we had a nice conversation. One of our new members to our group had e-mailed me about tonight as the Yahoo calendar in our group usually sends out events a few times and has different times and dates, we think it has to do with the different time zones but can’t seem to get it to fix and work right. one of the reasons we are planning on doing our own web page for the group. Well I replied back to her it was in fact tonight for Sweet Home and I was there. She showed up just a little later in boy mode as she wanted to get out and meet someone from the group.

Her name is Robbie and she seemed really nice. She joined me and George and we sat and talked for a couple hours. She had some questions as it is always daunting when you are just starting out. I can remember when I first went out for the first few times I was so scared and really didn’t know what to do, how to act, where to go, dress or do makeup. Luckily I met a few girls, Alice, Cassandra and Linda who talked with me and made me feel welcome and gave me some advice and that made all the difference so I was happy to answer any questions Robbie had. I have said this many times in my blog, feel free to ask me anything if you are doing it because you don’t know or understand and want to. As long as the questions are sincere and not to make fun of transgender people I will do my best to answer them of course it will be from my opinion and views.

It was really god to get to know Robbie and of course George and was awesome to have someone there to talk with instead of sitting alone. As it got later more people showed up and of course a lot of the people from the other group who I have gotten to know and think of as friends. Craig, Heather, Jodi, Alexis, Angie, Michelle Rikkie, Mareinna and a few others so I really wouldn’t have been alone here tonight.

Now being a formal night there were really some beautiful dresses, all the woman looked so awesome which they always do but there is something about a women in a dress that just ads that little extra. I actually felt underdressed tonight. Now Heather had on this beautiful light blue dress that looked great and Alexis, Michelle and Angie had on beautiful black dresses but my favorite dress was the one Korina wore, a floor length red dress, yes I love the color red. One reason I love going to the red dress party. She looked awesome as did all the ladies here f tonight. It really was more like an outing after a prom. now some of the men wore formal attire but a lot didn’t as I think with the heat it is a lot harder for a man to dress formal. woman can have bare arms and shoulders in a formal outfit but for men it usually means a suit and tie or a tuxedo. woman really are luckier with what they can wear.

It was an awesome night. About 10:30 Chris and Roxy showed up after their concert so it was good to see them. it was really busy by this time and loud so it was hard to talk any more. Robbie thanked me and said she had to leave, I really hope she can come out more as she seems really nice. I hug out till a little after 11 when I paid my bill and called it a night. It really was a fun time and something I really enjoy.

Now I am looking forward to Saturday night and going to Harvey’s Comedy Club. it will again be a hot evening out but should be really busy downtown with Rose Festival going on and the Starlight parade. May make parking a little hard but it will be worth it. Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful day.


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