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A chance to go get my nails done.

Well it has been 2 1/2 weeks since my last manicure and almost 6 weeks since my last pedicure so I really needed one. I got home from work and called to get an appointment with Anna at Dream Nails. I got an appointment for 5 so I started getting ready. Now it may seem funny to take the time to become Susan so I can go get my nails done but I may stop by Starbucks after if I have time. It took me a little longer getting ready so I got there right at 5. Anna was just finishing up with another lady so I picked out the color for my toes, A really bright pink with just a hint of orange, not my normal color but I wanted to try something new.

Now they were really busy tonight as all the nail techs were busy. almost all the pedicure seats were full so Anna started with my fingers. She filed them and then put little clamps with acetone on my nails to soften the gel polish. while I sat there she went and cleaned the pedicure tubs that were empty, they are really big on cleanliness here which I like. It was about 5:20 when she got back to me and started on my nails. I had her trim them back about the same as last time. they are a little short now but as they grow they will be perfect. they actually were a little long when I came in today, at least long for when I am not Susan. Anna really does an awesome job and actually a couple times I have been here and had other do my nails and they all do a wonderful job. I would recommend them if you need your nails done.

Now the funny art as I was sitting there with the clamps on my fingers one of the other ladies who was just finishing up her pedicure asked me why they were soaking them off and asked if I had acrylic nails or they were my real nails. I told her they were my real nails and she said she wished she could grow her own nails out. any way after Anna took the clamps off and started to remove the gel polish she came over to look at my nails. she thought they were beautiful and told me I was lucky to be able to grow my own nails. I told her it really was the gel polish as before I started to get gel polish I couldn’t grow my nails they would always break.

Anna finished my manicure about 5:45 and moved me over to a pedicure chair. she had a lady come in who just wanted a simple manicure as she said she was getting married tomorrow. Anna asked if I would mind soaking in the pedicure spa for a little while so she could do her nails. Actually I enjoy the pedicure as the chair massages your back so I told her it was fine. I got a chair between a girl who was probably in High school who turns out to be the daughter of the lady who came over and complimented me on my nails. and on the other side a man who comes in and gets manicures and pedicures on a regular basis of course he doesn’t get polish put on.

well I got talking with both of them and of course the girls mom who was sitting in the chair next to her daughter. It was a really fun time. I sat there till about 6 before Anna got back to me and started my pedicure. Now as I said hey were really bust tonight as they had 2 manicures going and 3 pedicures and 3 ladies who like me were soaking there feet waiting their turn and there were 2 waiting. several woman came in and were disappointed when they found out it would be an hour wait and ended up leaving. Anna told me during the day they are slow but in the late afternoon and evening they have been really busy. This is one reason I call a head and get an appointment. Well the lady that liked my nails moved over to a manicure table to get her nails painted. Now it turns out her name was Megan. well while she was getting her finger nails painted Anna started painting my toes and she called across the Salon to me calling my by name “Susan” what color are you getting, turns out she had herd Anna call me by name I guess.

I told her pink and Anna held up the polish. So of course I had to ask her what color she was getting to which she answered I will be over soon to show you. Sure to her words a few minutes later she was standing there with her nails painted a beautiful light pink and had kind of a sparkle to them. I told her they looked beautiful when she told me this was the color when she was warm and then she walked over and ran her hands under cold water and then came and showed them to me again and her nails were a really bright deep pinkish red. it only took a few minutes and the color started to go back to the light pink. it was really pretty and a cool idea. it would be cool to have nails that change colors. 6 then pulled up a chair and talked with me and her daughter. it really was a fun time. Turns out she has been coming here for 7 years. I have only been coming here about 18 months.

Well her and her daughter left and the guy next to me was over getting hi manicure and more women came in and hey started soaking them for their pedicures. it really was a busy night here but it was fun. Ana finished my nails about 6:30 so I was here for 1 1/2 hours, a little longer hen normal but worth it. O paid and told Ann I would see her in a couple weeks. Now I haven’t eaten yet so I drove to Panda Express and got dinner and went home. It was a fun night out.

20160524_190230_001So of course I have to post a few pictures. This is the best one as the color shows as close to the actual color. I am also including a few other pictures that for some reason in the light or with the flash they look a little more pink. The real color is closer to this one but maybe just a little more pink.

Not sure why the color looks different in different light as looking at them with my eyes they always look the same color.

Here are the rest of the pictures. These are all the same color, maybe I am just too Blonde.

Thanks for reading and if you have never gotten your nails done you really are missing out.

20160524_190142 20160524_190233 20160524_190257


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  1. My wife has the same problem with her nails. They are as thin as paper, so they are always shredding. My nails, on the other hand, rarely break. I guess I’m lucky like you.

    Comment by Sami Brown | May 25, 2016 | Reply

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