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A Wednesday night out with friends

Another busy week so I was looking forward to tonight. I got home at 5:20 which was later then I had hoped so it was right into the shower. We were going to House of Louie for dinner at 7 but I wanted to meet the girls at Fox & Hounds before so I knew I would have to rush. No I really do like to take my time getting ready and enjoy it but tonight there would not be time. Normally I try to give myself an hour and a half to get ready, time to think about my makeup and how I am doing it and of course deciding on an outfit. tonight it would be a simple makeup and no second guessing my outfit. Things went well and I was downtown Portland by 6:30.

Cristine, Cassandra and Julie were already there. It was nice to be out tonight as Cassandra and Julie will be gone for almost a month so tonight will be the last time I see Cassandra for a while. I will see Julie on Saturday as her, Trixie and I are going to the Red Dress Party this Saturday. We had a nice time talking till 7. Joan Showed up just before we left to walk over to House of Louie.

The 5 of us walked the 2 blocks to House of Louie. there was a little wind so it was a little cold, I was glad I brought my sweater. When we got there we met a new girl, Sheila. She had just sent an e-mail in today to join the group. It was nice to meet her. We got our normal table, I got to sit between Julie and Sheila. We had a nice time and good conversation. Dinner showed up and we had so much food. Jamie also showed up so we squeezed her in between me and Julie so we had 7 here tonight. It was a wonderful dinner and before we knew it, it was after 9.

After dinner we walked over to CC Slaughters, now as I don’t have to get up early tomorrow I had a chance to stay out later tonight. It was not very busy when we first got there but by 10 there was a good crowd. Julie, Sheila and I got more of a chance to talk, it was nice to get to know her better. Sounds like she doesn’t get out often but hopefully we will see her out again.

Kitty also was here tonight and it is always fun to spend some time with her. We were all talking and it was funny as last Saturday we were talking about Buffy and her girlfriend who we have not seen in a long time and wouldn’t you know who walked in, Buffy and her girlfriend. it was good to see them again. It really was a fun night and I stayed out till 11 which is late as I do have to work tomorrow.

Julie and I talked more about the Red Dress Party. I am going to drive again this year. It starts at 8 and goes to whenever. I am going to be at Julies around 6:30. It was a lot of fun last year and I am sure a few others from our group will be there. Of course we will get pictures. I am looking forward to it.

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  1. Susan.
    I had a great time with you and the girls Wednesday night. It was great sharing stories and laughter with everyone. Thanks for being so accepting and ready for fun.

    Although my time out is limited I have free time this week, till Thursday. I hope the girls are getting together this week. I would love to do dinner and dancing.

    Thanks again. Sheila

    Comment by Sheila Simms | June 28, 2016 | Reply

    • Hi Sheila,
      They are meeting at Fox & Hound by 7 and will decide where they want to eat. I won’t make it tonight but hope you have fun

      Comment by susanmiller64 | June 29, 2016 | Reply

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