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Friday night at Sweet Home

A long week is over and time for Susan to go out and have some fun. I got to Sweet Home by 6 and Chris and Roxy were there. I can always count on them to be here. I ordered dinner, they had there steak special tonight which is always good.

It was a pretty quiet night here as the other group was away for the weekend. The 3 of us talked and of course Chris was playing pool and I had my computer also, you know the typical Friday night.

Jolene showed up tonight. It was great to see here again. She has gone full time and come out to everyone and has been living as Jolene for 3 months now. She has been really busy the last several months so it was nice to get to talk with her.

It was a fun night, Karaoke started and there were several people here I have not seen before so that is always nice. I got several compliments on my dress which I always love. It was about 11:30 when I paid my bill. Rachel was there at the bar so I got talking with her. She asked if we would be at the Escape tomorrow and I told her no as it is the night we go to Harvey’s. We talked about it and she would like to go so I am hoping she will go next month.

It was a fun night and now looking forward to Saturday night at Harvey’s


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