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Quick night out for a manicure

I got home from work and decided to go and get a manicure. it has been 3 weeks since my last one and my nails were getting really long. I called Dream nails and Anna could fit me in at 5. I started getting ready at 4 so it would be a rush but than it takes less then 5 minutes for e to get there as it is close to home. I was ready by 4:45 and on my way.

I was early as I got there at 4:50 but Anna was done and ready for me. It was so nice to be there getting my nails done again. It was sad when she cut them as she did go a little shorter than I would have likes but I know in a week they will be the perfect length and then of course they will get longer till I get them done again. It really is an enjoyable experience to go to the nail salon. It took about 40 minutes for her to do my nails and of course I went with a clear again. it would be so wonderful if I could do a red or pink but that would not go over to well at work. It was a little after 5:30 and I was walking out with pretty nails.

I hadn’t eaten yet so I decided I would go get some dinner of course it had to be something I could eat with a fork as not to mess up my lipstick. I chose Panda Express as I love there food. They were pretty busy as it was dinner time. I sat there and ate and watched a little of the NBA playoffs while I ate.

U got done with dinner and headed for home. I still wanted some Susan time so I stopped by the Starbucks by my house and caught up on some work on my computer. I spent about an hour and a half here before going home. For a last minutes decision to go out it turned out pretty well.

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