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Out at Sweet Home for a fun night

Another long week but the weekend is here and that means I get to enjoy some Susan time. It really is amazing how much I need and look forward to being Susan, she really is a big part of my life and who I am. I would not be the person I m without her or for that matter my male side. It has taken me years to balance my male and female sides and learn not only to accept them but cherish them. So often we are caught up in what other people say is right and acceptable but what may be right for them is not always right for you. How I live my life is right for me and that is what counts to me.

I got home late tonight, 5 pm as I said it has been a busy week so it was right into the shower to start getting ready. Now being late and in a hurry I figured out what I was going to wear on my way home from work and of course how I was going to do my makeup. That always helps and speeds up the transformation but not as much fun. I did my makeup and got dressed and was ready to leave by 5:50, yes another transformation in under an hour. I got to Sweet Home a little after 6 and had to park a block up the street, seems they were really busy as the NBA playoffs are going on.

Chris was there so I joined him. I got out my computer and caught up on some things while I waited for my dinner. Sweet Home is small but has really good food and that friendly neighborhood feeling to it. Roxy showed up after she got off work and I figured it would be just the 3 of us tonight as our Friday nights have gotten a lot smaller lately.

My food arrived and so di Nicole. She was in town for the weekend. She had contacted me and said she would be in town Saturday but it turns out her and her wife came down Early today and she was able to come out tonight, such a wonderful surprise. Her wife and kids know about Nicole and are being really supportive of her which is so awesome. It was nice to sit and talk with Nicole while we watched the NBA playoff and of course the Blazer our home team won tonight and will advance to the next round of the playoffs so everyone in the bar was happy and in a good mood.

Nicole and I had a wonderful time talking and catching up. her and her wife stopped and did some shopping at the Goodwill store by my house which happens to be right across the street from my nail salon where Nicole got her pedicure last time she was down. It was really enjoyable and just a fun girls night and of course I will see her again Saturday night at the Escape. Not sure how many girls we will have at the Escape as a few of our girls from Salem are doing a Prom night at the Speakeasy in Salem and several of our girls are going down for that. I have been there once several years ago and had a good time. I would have gone but I have to work early on Sunday morning so I wont be out late Saturday. We all know how that goes and I am sure I will be out later than o planed but its only a 15 minute drive home from there instead of over an hour from Salem. Who knows it may just be Nicole and myself at the Escape but it will still be a fun night.

Of course I got to see some of my other friends here tonight as I really have met some awesome people here. Mareinna was here tonight as her female self and she looked awesome, and her girlfriend Dawni. they really are a cute couple and so nice. I enjoy visiting with them. Rachel and her wife Heather also showed up later, Always nice to see them. They are going to Las Vegas soon for a vacation, they will have so much fun. I really miss tat I didn’t get to go this year as it really is a fun place to visit. Kelsie and Angie were also her tonight plus several others that I know.

Now I had to have desert as they had warm out of the oven brownies with ice cream on the top, it was so good. it is probably things like this why I am not loosing weight. It was just a fun night all around. Karaoke started late as they waited till after the playoff game was over. Nicole left and Chris and I stayed for a little while, he sang once and I just listened to the Karaoke. I guess it was after 11 when we left. It was a fun night and a good start to my weekend.

Thanks for reading.

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