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A wonderful Friday night out

The end of the week is here and I am ready for Susan to come out and have some fun. But before I get started I have to comment on Facebook and something that happened this week and I have seen a lot of it on Facebook. I have a friend who posted a something and asked what people thought of it. now it doesn’t matter what it was as it happens with LGBT issues Religion issues and especially political issues these days. Now she and a few of her friends were unhappy with some of the opinions and I will admit some were a little strong but then people tend to feel strong about some issues. For the record I was one of the ones who disagreed with her but I also kept my comment to the point and left emotions out of it which by the way if you are posting on something like this you really should think before you write. It doesn’t change how I feel about her and I doubt it will change how she feels about me we will still be Facebook friends but I have lost a couple Facebook friends because I didn’t agree with them. probably one of the reasons I keep Politics and Religion off my Facebook page and out of my blogs the best I can.

For years the LGBT communities have been wanting equal right to be accepted and treated equal and fair and we are getting there. The problem is we also have to treat others the same way and that means accept the fact that there will be people who don’t like us for being LGBT or our religious or political beliefs and that is okay. Now before you start writing that comment let me clarify what I mean. Where I work I really think if they found out about Susan and this side of my life there would be 20% that would think it was awesome and 20 % that would think it was bad and the rest would probably not care. now for the 20% that is not in support of transgender they have that right, they don’t have to go out with me, invite me over to there house or even socialize with me. They do on the other hand have to accept this is my right to live how I want and they have to work with me and keep their personal biases out of the work place. another way to put it is if I am at a restaurant and they are also there I can’t ask them to leave because I am uncomfortable with how they feel about me any more then they can ask I leave because they are uncomfortable with me there. if it bothers me that much I should leave and the same goes for them and they should leave. We are all different and that is a good thing. I wont tell you what to do or believe and you don’t tell me what to do and we will get along fine. I have friends that are far right, far left and every place in between. we don’t have to agree but we do need to respect each other and stop the name calling. Okay off my soap box now and back to more important things.

I was really looking forward to tonight and this weekend because I get to be Susan who is a big part of who I am. She is always with me inside but tonight I Susan selfie at Sweet Home 4-22-2016get to let her out. I started getting ready about 4:30 and was on my way by 6, being a girl does take work and time but I so enjoy it. I got to Sweet Home and they weren’t that busy yet, Chris was there as he comes straight from work. I ordered dinner and caught up on some work on my computer while I waited. Chris was playing pool and it was his night as he won a lot of games.

Roxy Michele and Rebecca showed up. Rebecca is from Seattle and is down here for a few days. She went out with us to Who Song & Larry’s on Wednesday. It was good to see here again and talk with her. I really think this is how you get to know people. Today everything is faster and online but sitting around and talking is such a wonderful way to socialize.

By about 9 it was getting busy as the other group started to arrive. Heather was there and it was so wonderful to see her. She always has a hug for everyone and that is so awesome. No matter what is going on in your life or what is wrong a hug makes you feel better. We talked for a while which was nice. Angie was also here and I got to talk with her for a while, I really have met some wonderful people here.

Karaoke Started and there were a lot of people to sing. By this time Roxy had left and Chris, Michele and Rebecca al got up and sang so I was the only one from our group that hadn’t sang so I was glad when Diane and Rose showed up. It was good to see them again, Diane has been getting out some lately but it has been probably a year since I have seen Rose. They are both awesome friends.

Well it was about 11 and I was getting tired as it has been a long day so I was thinking about leaving. Kelsie showed up and we talked and she asked me if I was going to sing with her tonight. I said I would so she went up and put a song request in for us so now I had to stay which was okay as I was having fun besides I got to talk with Rose more so that was awesome. It took about 40 minutes for Kelsie and my song to come up. She picked the song “You are the one I want” from the movie Grease. Now I love this movie and I do know all the songs so that helped. Now I did have a lot of fun singing with Kelsie I just can’t get the courage to sing by myself.

It was really getting late now almost midnight so I went up to the bar to pay my bill and got talking with Rachel. I have know her for many years. She is the one that told me and our group about Sweet Home after we were told not to come back to the P-Club. We talked for a while, she is really a wonderful person and I also talked with her wife Heather too. There really are some wonderful people here that I have met. It was a wonderful night out and it was almost 12:30 when I left. I think this is the latest I have been out in a long time.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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  1. We think alike my friend. But then I knew that already.

    Comment by Dana Teresa Vandehey | April 23, 2016 | Reply

  2. I appreciate your Facebook comments. Respect and common sense could go a long way to making life a better place for for everybody.

    Comment by Charlene Peterson | April 23, 2016 | Reply

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