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Out at the Escape Bar & Grill on a Saturday night.

Saturday night I was going to the Escape to spend time with my friends. I have been looking forward to it all day as I was working in my yard. I got done with my yard work at 4 and decided to just start getting ready, I figured I would just go early to the Escape. I was ready and on my way by 5:30 so I got to the 20160416_180845Escape before 6. Now I had to get one selphie in the car.

I got inside and there were only a few people here this early. I was talking with the bar tender and it is funny. They started doing Pizza a few months back and I love Hawaiian Pizza so I was always ordering one when I came here on Saturday nights. Well for several weeks I couldn’t get one for one reason or another, no pineapple, no Canadian bacon or something else. Well 2 weeks ago she got there and the first thing she did was make sure they had everything to make a Hawaiian pizza for me, the cook had it all out and ready to go. Now here is the funny part, 2 weeks ago was our night to go the Harvey’s so we didn’t show up that night. I felt bad and thanked her for it. Well I ordered a pizza and drink and sat down at the table with my computer.

It wasn’t long and Cassandra and Teresa showed up. It was good to talk with her as she went to Diva Las Vegas this year. Well Teresa got a new phone, the Galaxy edge so I was checking it out. She showed me some of her pictures fro Las Vegas and we got talking about the camera’s on our phones and taking selphie’s. Teresa 20160416_184505has the same issue I have holding the phone at arms length and then pushing the button to take the picture so I gave her my tip for this. On the camera there is a timer and on the side for taking selphie’s I set the timer for 2 seconds. That way I can push the button and then stretch out my arm and take the picture, it works great. Of course we took a few pictures together.

Julie and Trixie showed up and it was great to see them both. I so enjoy talking to them and of course the first thing we talked about were our nails and going to the nail salon, one of the simple pleasures of being a girl. It was fun talking with them and catching up. Of course I will see Julie again when we go to Who Song and Larry’s this week for dinner.

Laura and Jenny also showed up and Laura’s daughter Brittany also made it for a while. It is so awesome that Brittany is supportive of Laura. I got a chance to talk with them which was nice. Jan, Lynn and Cassie also showed up so we had a good turnout tonight. Karaoke started and Jan and Laura both sang and did great. It was fun listening to the Karaoke although it was hard to talk any more.

There was a good crowd here tonight and lots of good singers. a couple of girls were here that I haven’t seen in a while and they both sing really well. Alicia also showed up with her friend, I have met her friend once before a few weeks ago when she came out with Alicia. It was nice to talk with her for a little while. Cassandra and Alicia were talking about web pages. we have actually been thinking about setting up a web page for the group as the Yahoo group we have used for years is not as user friendly any more. It used to be really good till they did upgrades. Now it is hard to look at members and photos.

It was a fun night and I stayed there till after 11:30 but then I started to get tired so I paid my bill and called it a night. It has been a good weekend.

Thanks for reading.

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