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Friday is here and time for Susan to have a fun weekend.

Friday is here and I am looking forward to a Friday night out at Sweet Home with friends. I really enjoy my Susan time as it help relax me and I find I t helps with stress. Now yesterday I did get out briefly for a manicure and pedicure and I went a head and didn’t put mat polish on my nails as I figured one day at work with shiny nails would be okay besides as I said she trimmed them kind of short. This is the hard part for me and my nails now, they grow. Even though they are short now by the time I go back in 2 weeks or so hey will be the perfect length, Long enough to look nice and feminine if I want but not so long as to be really noticeable when I am not Susan. Now if I start off with that length then by the time I go back in a couple weeks they really are long for a my male self. It really is a balancing act but one I am enjoying.

I started getting ready at 4:30 got home late from work. A hot shower and shave, lotion on my legs and arm, Moisturizer on my face, makeup, perfume, dress, heels, jewelry and hair and I was ready. Took me almost an hour and a half but so relaxing and fun. For me this is one of the simple pleasures of being Susan. I was on my way about 5:50 for my fun night out. I got to Sweet Home shortly after 6 and had to park about 2 blocks away. Now the bad part is this is a residential area and the street is sloped and not well maintained and the sidewalks is sloped and uneven and of course I wore my 4” spiked heels. Walking in heels is not that hard on even ground and I am pretty good at it but this was a little more difficult and of course I had to walk slower but I did okay.

Chris was already there so I joined him, it was kind of quiet in the bar but it was still early. I had my computer so I worked on it while Chris played pool. Roxy showed up so there were 3 of us and that would be it for our group tonight. We ordered dinner and of course I got the special again tonight. My food came and it was good as always. As I said it was still a little slow here being early so Paul the owner came over and sat with us for a few minutes to see how the food was and just to talk with us. By the way the food is always good here, I don’t think I have ever had a bad dinner.

Kelsie was also here tonight and it has been a while since I have seen her, I met her one of the first times I came here and I have even sang Karaoke a few times with her. It was good to see her again, she didn’t stay long as her and her date had to leave. She said she might be back later and asked if I would sing Karaoke with her, I told her I would.

About 9 it started to pick up and get busy, the other group that comes in for Karaoke started to show up and by 9:45 when Karaoke started it was pretty busy. Dawni and Mareinna showed up tonight and it is always nice to see them. it is funny as I look forward to seeing some of the members of the other group just as much. I got to talk to them for a little bit which was nice. Angela was also here and we talked for a bit too.

Karaoke started and it was good, some of the songs people picked I don’t think I had heard before but some were ones I knew really well. Chris sang once and did well. Now that Karaoke started I wondered if Kelsie would make it back. I was torn as it would be nice to see her but it would also mean singing. Well she didn’t make it back at least before I left so I didn’t have to sing tonight.

It was a little after 11 when I paid my bill and called it a night. It was a wonderful start to the weekend and I am looking forward to Saturday night at the Escape with my friend. We are also planning a dinner at Who Songs and Larry’s which will be fun as they have good food and always treat us awesome.

It was a wonderful start to my weekend. Thanks for reading

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