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Thursday Medi Pedi.

I got home Thursday and wanted to get a manicure, I actually broke a nail today at work. I called to see if Anna could fit me in. She was able to get me in at 5 and asked if I wanted a pedicure also and I said no. I started getting ready with a shower. After my shower I was looking at my toes and there was the smallest of chips on one toe, it really wasn’t noticeable unless you were for it but I realized I could not make 2 more weeks so I called Anna back and asked if I could also get a pedicure which she said was fine.

I got there a little before 5 and went in. They were not busy and Anna was ready for me. Anna asked what color I wanted and I told her just a clear for my finger but a red for my toes. I quickly picked out a red actually called Raspberry red a darker red then I normally get. Then I was in the chair and Anna started on my feet. there were only 2 other ladies here at this point but that would change. Soon several ladies came in and they were really busy, they actually had to ask a few to come back later. Really good idea to call and make an appointment which I am glad I did.

I really do love getting pedicures and manicures, it is so relaxing. Anna finished my pedicure and started on my finger nails. She trimmed them a little shorter then I wanted but they will grow out. Now as I said they had gotten really buy by now. two ladies waiting and 6 in the pedicure chairs, 2 of which were just soaking their feet as they waited for a nail technician to finish and get to them. I even saw the same man I did a few times back who was there for a pedicure.

Anna finished my fingers and I had beautiful hands and feet again, she did a 20160415_153620great job but I could tell everyone was rushing to get people through. I really do like it better when they are slow as it is a more relaxing experience. I left a little after 6. The picture was taken the next day when I got home from work.

I left the nail salon and went across the street to Starbucks to catch up on some work I had to do. I spent about an hour at Starbucks before heading home. it was as short night out but fun and relaxing.

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