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Friday night and really looking forward to going out.

It has been a long busy week, Working long hours. I don’t normally include stuff from my male life in my blog but I am making an exception today. This week I lost a friend to Cancer, she was diagnosed in February and was feeling fine and yesterday she passed away. I have known her for almost 20 years, it is amazing how fast she went and really makes you think of how fragile life can be. Over the last 15 years we have spent 5 hours or more a day 5 days a week together and you really get to know each other. She is the only friend that I every really thought about telling about Susan, as a matter of fact other than Susan she probably knew more about me than anyone. I would even talk with her about what I did on my weekends and even Las Vegas just left out the part about Susan. So I was really looking forward to tonight and spending time with friends.

I got to Sweet Home about 6:45 and Chris was there. It wasn’t long and Robyn and her friend and Roxy showed up. We ordered dinner and had a chance to talk which was nice. Laura H and her friend Lisa also showed up tonight so we had a good group here and was so nice to be around my friends.

Now it was a busy night here tonight, one of the busiest I have seen, it was hard to move around and there was always a line at the bar. The other group that comes here had a pirate theme tonight and they had a huge turnout. Heather was here and as always it was good to see her.

Karaoke started and it was packed here, It was fun to listen to the Karaoke, Chris, Laura and Lisa all sang and did good. Now while I was listening to the singing 3 girls came over and talked with me. Now of course they all told me how good I looked which I always love hearing. Any way we were talking and the one told me she was older than the other 2, she was 50 well I of course told her I was 52. Well it turns out the other 2 girls were in there 20’s. Now the only reason I brought this up is the one I was talking to made a couple comments that caught me off guard. First she pointed out that the other 2 girls could be our kids. Then she said What a cute family and who cares if Daddy dresses as a girl as long as he’s happy. Now we talked a little more before they went back to their table.

It was after 11 now and we all decide to leave. We all paid our bills and called it a night. Tonight was just what I needed. I also plan on going out Saturday night too.

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