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Saturday night at Harvey’s

Saturday and we are going to Harvey’s Comedy club tonight, we go every month and have for years. The first time our group went to Harvey’s was December or 2009 and we have been going once a month for the last 4 plus years years. Looking back through my blog I have been to Harvey’s at least 42time now not counting tonight. It really is a fun night out. I took my time getting ready and chose to wear my black and silver dress. it is a really cute dress and comes just below my knees. I was on my way by and got down town about 6:40 and parked. Now I had to take a couple Susan selfie in car (1)selfie’s in the car.

Cassandra, Laura H. and her friend Lisa were already there. We had 12 of us going tonight so about average. This is a fun night out I wonder why more girls don’t go. We ordered drinks and waited for other to show up. most of us meet at Fox & Hound and then walk over to Harvey’s as it is only 7 blocks and parking is easier here plus it is a beautiful evening so it will be a nice evening to walk over.

It wasn’t long and others started to show up. Laura M. and her friend Jenny, Barb Mikaela and her friend Tony and Kayla so 10 of us met here. We sat here and talked till a little after 8 before heading over to Harvey’s. It was a nice walk over, I really love walking through the downtown like any other woman.

We got to Harvey’s and Cristine was there. Cassie showed up a little Mikaela and Me (1)after we got there so all of us were there by 8:45. Now I got a chance to talk with Mikaela and of course She was taking pictures so I had to get a picture with her.

It is funny how I don’t think of getting pictures anymore, a few years back I would tae so many every time I was out. Luckily Mikaela reminds me. Mikaela also took aSusan at Harveys picture of me she even helped me pose.

When we first got here it was really slow but we were over an hour early. As time went by it did get busy and soon it was really crowded. The owner Berry came over and talked with us. He is planning on doing a little remodel of the lounge area so he talked with us for a while and told us his plans. Berry has really treated our group great and they all look forward to the night we come.

Well we were all playing with our phone cameras, Turns out I can take a panorama photo so I can get the whole group in Susan Selfie (2)one picture. well of course while I was playing with the camera I took a couple more selfie’s.

Soon it was time to go into the showroom. We got inside to our table and of course Kim was there. She is so awesome, I look forward to seeing her I think we all do. The show started and the MC was really good maybe the best MC we have seen here.

The featured comedian I think his name was Tony  and he was really good also. The headliner was Steve Barkley and he was really good to. all 3 of them were awesome. If you get to see Steve Barkley you really should as you will laugh the whole time. Also if you get to Portland you must go to Harvey’s if you like good comedy, you will have a great time.

The show got over and really it seems like it went by so fast. We got a chance to talk with Kim after the show which is always nice. She wants toSusan Selfie (1) come out with the group on a Wednesday night which would be awesome. I will have to make sure I make it that night.

After the show we walked back to where we parked. It was a really nice night out and there were a lot of people out. It was a good night but sad to see it come to an end.

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