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Friday and the end of a long week.

It has been a busy and long week with long hours at work. I am so looking forward to tonight as I worked 11 hours today so I didn’t get home till 5:40 so it would be another rush getting Susan ready for her night out. I really enjoy it more when I can take my time getting ready but sometimes a girl must rush. Now by rushing what I mean is I don’t overthink or second guess what I am doing or try new looks. I do my makeup the way I am best at it and don’t spend a lot of time deciding what to wear you know the fun things about being a girl.

I got to sweet home a little before 7 and had to park on the street. Chris, Roxy and Samantha were there already, Samantha was in town again so it was nice to see her. now the new tables here only seat 4 so I sat at the next table as I was hungry as I hadn’t eaten today an d wanted to order dinner. Samantha came over and joined me and we started talking. I really enjoy the social aspect of being out as Susan. it is funny as my male self is not as social as Susan. Susan likes to be around people even if just out shopping or at Starbuck’s.

I had a nice dinner and spent a fun evening talking with Samantha, Dawni and Mareinna were also here tonight, always brightens my night to see them and talk with them. I have really met some wonderful people here. Even Megan was here tonight, I bet it has been almost 2 years since I have seen her. She only stopped in for a little while but she came over and talked with me and Samantha. She had on a really cute dress to.

It was amazing how fast the night went by. soon it was time for Karaoke and of course being almost 10 Samantha had to leave as she has a 2 hour drive home. It did not seem like I had been talking with Samantha for 3 hours although we did talk a lot about everything from clothes to nails to people we have met and our friends and things we like to do and even family. It really was so wonderful Well it was down to just Chris and I now and I moved over to his table so we could talk a little as I listened to Karaoke.

Now by 11 I was really getting tired so I paid my bill and called it a night but it was a lot of fun. I was almost falling asleep at the table. What a great way to start my weekend off. Saturday night I will be out again as we are going to Harvey’s Comedy club again which will be so much fun. Always a fun night out with lots of laughs and of course I will get to see Kim and Star again and they are both awesome.

Now I have to include a cute story from when I got my nails done Tuesday which I forgot about in my last blog. As I said the nail salon was really busy but there were 2 sisters there getting pedicures and manicures and the one had also brought her daughter who I would guess was 7 give or take a year. Any way they let her get her toes painted while they got their pedicures. when she was done she was moved to the chair right next to me as she was also going to get her fingers painted when one of the nail technicians were done. She was really well behaved and of course she was proud of her pretty toes and showed them to me, blue with a little white snowflake on them. Well as Anna worked on my nails she was also showing Anna and me the 2 colors she picked out for her fingers, blue and pink and she was going to alternate the color on her fingers.

Well her aunt got done with her fingers nails and came and showed them to her and told her someday she could have nails like hers (long). then she went back to her sister. the little girl just sat there eating a cookie and s well behaved. Well her mom came over and showed her her nails also and complimented her on how well she was behaving which she was. she quietly sat there waiting to get her nails done. Any way her mom was talking to her and again told her how proud she was of her for waiting so quietly. Then her mom told her this, “it takes a lot of work and effort to be a girl and look nice Not like daddy who rolls out of bed and is ready to go”. I almost let out a laugh as I know how much effort, thought, time and money it takes to be a girl. I have just never heard a female say it that way. Any way her mom went back to her sister and Anna finished my nails and I was off.

Oh one not on my nails, they do have a pink tint  to them but under florescent light like I have at work they really do look pink. Now I was kind of careful with my hands at work and I am not sure if anyone saw or noticed them but not one person asked about them or made a comment. I really wish I could have red though on my nails.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.


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