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A little Susan time and a manicure.

Okay I had a free evening and really needed a manicure. I got home from work and started getting ready as Susan, after I took my shower I called Dream nails to see if I could get in for a manicure with Anna. I was hoping for 4:30 but she didn’t have an opening till 5:30 so I told her  would take it. My original plan was to get the manicure, then grab a bight to eat and them maybe Starbucks for an hour or so. Well I finished getting ready and decided to grab a bite to eat first as I had an hour.

I drove to Panda Express and went in and got something to eat. They weren’t real busy inside as they have a drive through that most people went through. there were maybe 6 other people inside eating. I had a nice dinner before going to the nails salon.

I got to the nail salon just before 5:30 and went in, they were really busy. 4 ladies getting pedicures and one getting her nails done and 4 more waiting. Good thing I called for an appointment. Even so I still had to wait about 10 minutes for Anna to finish up with a lady. it gave me time to look at all the gel colors. now normally I get Clear pink #441 which is a clear with just a slight pink ting to it but I decided to go with #449 pink kiss.

She removed the clear gel polish and then trimmed my cuticles and I had her trim my nails back as they had really gotten long the last several weeks. They are a little short than I had wanted but have a really nice shape to them. I am sure by the time I get them done in a couple weeks they will seam long again. Once that was all done she put the polish on. a clear base coat and I had her put 2 coats of the pink kiss on and then a clear top coat. Looking at them they really do have a pink color to them. hopefully my mat polish will tone the pink down.  Then came the lotion and the arm and hand message. it really is a fun and relaxing experience.

They really were busy tonight as there was always ladies waiting and you could tell they were trying to rush but they still did a good job on my nails. it was about 6:30 when I was all done and had my pretty nails. I think with the sunny weather we had today everyone wanted to go and get their nails done as we are going to have sunny warm weather for the next week. As I left the salon it was still sunny outside and I got a good look at my nails in the sun light, they are not a tint of pink, they are pink but they look beautiful.

Well I drove across the street to Starbuck’s the one by my house. They are pretty slow only 5 other people inside. I got a drink and will catch up on some e-mails and work and now I am updating my blog. Only a few hours of Susan but still a wonderful evening out.





Thanks for reading.

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  1. Sounds like a great time. I would love to get a manicure but I would destroy it in no time with work. Yours looks great.

    Comment by cynthia0101 | March 30, 2016 | Reply

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