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Friday finally here

Well Friday is finally here and I am ready for the weekend and some Susan time with my friends. Now I have to start with a little story from last Saturday I forgot in that bog. When I got to the Escape and went to the bar to order this man came up to me and he was a little older. Any way he told me I was very pretty and he didn’t normally do this but he handed me a piece of paper and then said he had to go. On the paper it said, “Your hot I’m (name) call me (phone number) lets play some cribbage”. Now I am not sure if he thought I was female or male, if he was looking for a man or a woman as it really doesn’t matter. But this is the first time I have had a man give me his number on paper. Now I am not the least bit interested in men but it is very flattering to have this happen, it makes you feel good. Any way that was my little side note.

It has been a long and busy week and I was tired when I got home, well I fell asleep on the couch. now I normally start getting ready at 4 to give me time but I didn’t wake up till 4:30 so I was in a rush. Well if I don’t think about it or take the time to enjoy it I can get ready a lot faster. I never looked at the time and to my surprise I was ready and in my car by 5:22. I got to Sweet home before 6 and went in. Chris was there playing pool as he comes straight from work. now as I said I was really tired so I didn’t plan on staying late one of the reasons I wanted to get here early. I got out my computer and caught up on some work and ordered dinner. It is really relaxing to be out as Susan with my friends and other people.

Roxy also showed up tonight along with several of the other group I have gotten to know, Heather, Jessica, Michelle, Dawni, Mareinna, Angie and several others. I really enjoy seeing them and talking with them even if it is just to say hi and find out how they are doing. Now about 9 it started to get really busy and there were a lot of people here tonight, the other group was doing a disco theme night, there were even some new faces I have not seen here before so it was a fun night.

Karaoke started and it was really good as most people sang songs from the 1970’s which I knew most of them. It was a fun night and I did stay later then I planed. it was a little after 11 when I paid my bill and left but it was a good night and just what I needed after a long week at work.

I hope you all have a great week and find something you love and makes you happy and do it. you will be so much more happy.

Thanks for reading

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