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Friday and last day of vacation

Well Friday is here and it is the last day of my vacation, I still have the weekend but it has gone by so fast. Now I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I knew it would be as Susan. I thought about gong to Wigland and looking at wigs but I decided to search online and see if there were any other wig shops around to check out. I found one called Wig Gallery which is on Halsey Street so not far. I decided I would check it out. I got there about 10:30. It is a small store by itself in a parking lot so it is kind of private. Now the funny thing is you have to push a button and they will open the door so it really is a private place. Turns out they also prefer you make an appointment although you don’t have to, you just may have to wait for help.

Now there wigs are more expensive starting at $100 and going up to $300 but they are also a much better quality. The lady working here was just finishing up with a customer so I had to wait about 10 minutes. She gave me some information about the different styles of wig all the way up to the Human hair but those are way more expensive. we tried on several different wigs and you could tell the difference between the less expensive and the more expensive by the way they fit, felt and looked. Although in the end they are still a synthetic hair wig and will last the same.

Now for the surprise, turns out Christy helps out here on Fridays with styling and cutting wigs. It has been a while since I have seen her and of course I got a hug. I tried on several wigs and I really hadn’t planed on spending so much on a wig but the 2 that I liked the best and really looked nice were not the cheaper ones. One I think matched my skin tone a little better and I was leaning to that one. The lady also agreed but she had Christy come out and take a look so I tried them both on again. Christy also likes the same one. it was funny though as it was the first time she has seen me without a wig on and of course she noticed the little bit of grey I have now. Well I broke down and bought the wig as it really is cute. It got me thinking though maybe I should look into getting a human hair wig. It would cost a lot more but if I take care of it, it would last a really long time, well something to think about.

I left there and did go to a few other stores but it was just regular shopping I had to do but it was still fun. I did stop at a Starbuck’s as I had some work I had to get down before Monday. I actually spent about 3 hours here. You know even work is more fun as Susan. I got home about 5 and did a quick change and touch up on my makeup and then I was off to Sweet Home. I got there just before 6 and there was no parking. I actually had to park about 2 blocks away. Chris was there playing pool as always.

I ordered dinner and got out my computer to check some things online. Robyn and Roxy both showed up tonight so it was good to see them. I got to talk with Robyn for a while which was nice.

Heather showed up tonight and it was wonderful to see her. She is so nice, I really enjoy talking with her. I really have met some awesome people here. Mareinna and Dawni also showed up so it was a really good night. Diane also showed up latter so it was good to see her also. she doesn’t get out much.

now there were 2 younger girls well everyone is younger to me now. any way I caught them looking at me a few times and you always have to wonder what people are thinking. well they finally came over 1 at a time of course and told me how beautiful I was and they both just loved the way I did my makeup. Now I think that is a wonderful compliment when a woman tells you that you look good. We talked for a little bit and it was really nice.

it was after 11 when I paid my bill and said my goodbyes. I really didn’t want tonight to come to an end as tomorrow I will go to the nail salon and get a manicure and pedicure and of course my pretty red nails will go away and I will go with a clear polish and of course trim my nails down and reshape them as a more rounded shape then the square shape I have now and love.

Thanks for reading.


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