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Shopping with Samantha.

Well today I was going to meet Samantha from Eugene for lunch and maybe a little shopping. She had to come to Portland for something and had e-mailed me about meeting for lunch. We decided on California Pizza at Clackamas Town Center. I told her I would be there between 10 and 2 doing a little shopping if she wanted to join me. she said she would let me know when she got there as she would take care of things on her way. Now there is a Starbuck’s there that actually opens before the mall so I figured I would get there and do my Blog from last night.

I got there about 9:30 and they were really busy, about 14 people ate tables and the counter, only 2 of which were men. I had to stand in line with 9 people in front of me only one man and several woman behind me. wow today must be ladies day.  got my drink and a Danish and took the last seat along the window at the counter. I did my blog and wasn’t paying attention as I really didn’t look for Samantha till maybe 11, any way I looked at my phone at 10:30 and she had called about 10 minutes earlier so I called her back. She was already here. I told her where I was and we met up.

It was nice to see her again and spend a little time with her. Now neither one of us was really looking for anything today as it really was more about being out and spending some time together, you know the social aspect of it. We wandered down the mall and I warned her about the man selling skin care in the middle that always remembers me. He cornered Laura when we were here a few weeks ago and I wanted to avoid that today. Sure enough he saw me and tried to call us over but we thanked him and just kept walking.

We got to the end of the mall and went into Sears to check things out. We discussed woman’s clothing as we shopped, what we liked and didn’t, the issues we have trying to find something that fits and looks good. the different colors and styles. it was really fun. we left here and then walked to the other end to JC Pennies.

Samantha does a lot of shopping at Pennies where she lives so we had a good time looking around still talking now about makeup and hair. It really was a fun time. It really is more fun shopping with someone even if you don’t buy anything. Shopping is a storage thing as my male self I only go shopping if I need to buy something and that is what I do, in find what I need, buy it and leave. As Susan I enjoy just wandering around looking and having someone to share it with is so much fun.

It was about noon when we headed for California Pizza which is a stand alone shop outside so we had to leave the mall. WE got a booth and talked as we looked at the Menu. Now I was torn as I really like their Caesar Salad but also like their pizza. Samantha and I decided to split a Pizza though. The young man who waited on us was awesome and was always there checking on us to see if we needed anything, even the Manager came over to see how we were ding and stood there and talked to us for a while. They really made us feel welcome.

Samantha and I had a lovely lunch and really got to talk. It was a wonderful time. We where there almost 2 hours as a matter of fact we sat there for probably 45 minutes after we paid our bill just talking. Now it was raining really hard outside for a while which also kept us there. WE talked about Sweet Home and the Escape and so many of the places we go and don’t get me wrong as I really do like them but they all get loud and then it becomes hard to talk. Maybe I am just getting older but I do like it when it is less noisy. I think that is why I like Starbuck’s so much as it is such a peaceful place. I think I really need to try and get more of the girls to meet me for Coffee. I actually need to get together with Peggy one evening for dinner or coffee. I really think these are the normal everyday things that bring balance to your life.

Well about 2 the rain stopped so we left, Samantha had parked by California Pizza so we said our goodbye’s and she left and I went back into the mall and walked down towards where I parked. I was rally straight out from Barns & Noble so I walked through there to the door. Just as I got outside it started to rain pretty good so I went back inside. by the time I got to the book shelf by the window it was raining so hard the water was pooling on the drive in front and even people with umbrellas were running. I kind of looked at books as I waited for it to stop or at least slow down. Soon there were maybe 10 people standing by the doors looking out and maybe another 12 by where I was looking out the window so I didn’t feel to bad being afraid of the rain. It rained this way for maybe 10 minutes before if slowed to almost a stop. Looking at the clouds I figured it would not stay like this long so I Headed for my car. it was just lightly raining and I was only the seconded row out so t took me about a minute to get to my car. I got in and shut the door and before I could start it the rain let loose again.  had timed it just right.

I left and drove for home well the Starbucks by my house. I got there right at 3 and I think this is the slowest they have been Maybe between 2 and 6 other people here at any one time although a pretty steady amount coming in and getting drinks to go. I will probably stay here till 5 and then I am not sure what I will do. maybe get some dinner or just go home. will wait Susan at Starbucks 3-10-16and see. I did take one selphie here not a great picture but I had to have at least one today.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.


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Wednesday night dinner at Henry’s in Portland

Well today I didn’t do much as I had a few things I needed to do so I figured I would wait till tonight for Susan to come out. I did run to a couple of stores and no one said a word about my nails. I also had some work I had to catch up on so I went to a Starbuck’s one I have only been to a few times aver the last few weeks and I sat there for a couple hours on my computer with people all around and no one paid any attention to my nails here either. Maybe nails on a guy is not that big a deal.

Well I got home about 4 and started to get ready for my night out. we had dinner reservations at Henry’s Tavern at 7:30 and we would be meeting here between 6:30 and 7:30 in the lounge. Now my plan was to be ready by 5:30, with no traffic it is an easy 30 minute drive but if there was traffic it could take an hour or more and this would be the end of rush hour so I wanted to leave by 5:45 at the latest. I was all ready by 5:30 so off I went figuring worst case I would be early. Traffic was not real bad but it did take some extra time so it was about 6:15 when I got there. There were several cars in front of me so I figured not much chance of finding a spot on the street so I went for the parking garage a block away. It actually worked out really well as I only had a block to walk.

I was the first one there as far as I could tell so I went into the lounge to wait. There was only one small table open so I took it and texted Cassandra I was there an where I was. It was maybe 5 minutes later Cassandra and her wife Peggy got there. It was great to see Peggy she is really special as she is totally accepting of all us T-Girls. We ordered some drinks and Cassandra got a couple appetizers

Julie showed up next and it was great to see her again as it has been a while. We were waiting for 3 more. we had a smaller group tonight but that was okay as it would give us a chance to talk. A little before 7 Cassandra went to check in and it turns out Cristine had gotten here and instead of coming to the lounge had checked in and they gave her a table in the dinning room so we all moved from the lounge at this point.

Now we had a big booth so we all had to slide in which is not something you can do gracefully in a dress and heels but it did make for a nice table as we were in a U shape around the table and could talk with everyone at the table. I got to sit between Julie and Peggy which was awesome as we really got a chance to talk and of course the big topic was nails. Julie has had her nails a little long and with Gel polish on them for a couple years now and she says no one cares and very few people even notice. I really want to keep my nails but mine are a little longer than hers and also have a square shape which I think might draw a little more attention to them. Most men have rounded nails not many have square. This is something I have a few days to think about. it was fun though for Julie, Peggy and me to sit there and compare nails.

Laura M, and Karen showed up so all our group was here now. The waitress who was awesome by the way came by several times to check on us and see if we were ready to order. Took us a little while as we were really busy talking. Sweet Home and the Escape are really nice places and fun to go but once they start Karaoke it gets loud ad you really can’t talk any more accept maybe to the person right next to you and even that can be difficult. Tonight gave us a good chance to just talk. I think that is why I enjoyed shopping with Laura so much a few weeks ago as we really didn’t do much shopping but we wondered around the mall and talked. Same when I use to meet Peggy at Starbucks we could talk. I like the social interaction of these type of outings.

Well we finally ordered and the food was really good, a little on the higher end but it was a really fun evening and so worth it. We had a wonderful dinner but what made it special were the people I was with, my family.

It was about 9:30 when we left but it was a great night

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