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A little shopping today as I am feeling better.

Well I have been looking forward to today and getting out as Susan. Now yesterday I did run out for a little as my male self with my red nails and not one person said a thing about them of course the only time they were really visible was when I stopped at a Starbuck’s. I spent about 2 hours at on as my male self doing some work on my computer and I actually went out of my way to make sure my nails were visible. I saw a couple people mostly men look at tem but not one person said a thing. anyway today is a Susan day.

I got up and started getting ready with the hope of being out of my house by 9:30 which I didn’t make of course. still a little tired. It was about 10:15 when I was ready and on my way. I decided to go to Pioneer Place Mall in downtown Portland. I think I have only been here twice before, once right after it opened and then once in 2010 when I rode the MAX as Susan downtown. This time I drove though. I got downtown and parked in the parking garage just the other side of the block. I parked on the 9th floor and rode the elevator down to the street. Now I was glad it was only across the street as I forgot my umbrella in the car but it was just barely raining so I figured I could make it without getting very wet. I crossed the street with severe other people and entered the mall. now it is actually a 5 story mall in 2 buildings on opposite blocks. Now as it has been a while the first thing I did was check out the directory to see what stores they had. There was a security guard standing near by and she came over and asked if she could help me. I told her no I was just seeing what they had as I had never been here before and wanted to check it out. I really got the feeling she was sizing me up.

Well I didn’t see anything that jumped out at me so I decided to go up the escalator to the next floor and see what was there. Now as I started walking so did the lady guard which again made me feel weird, I got on the escalator and she just kept walking around the first floor so I guess she wasn’t following me. I really didn’t see any stores that I even wanted to go inside. I got to the 4t floor I think and they have a sky bridge that goes across the street to the other part of the mall so I walked across. There was a man about half way across who was taking a selphie of himself which struck me as strange. any way he finished and walked off and as I got to where he was I realized he had been half way SUsan at Pioneer Place Mall 3-8-2016across and you could look up and down the street as the sky bridge was glass. Yes you guessed it I had to take a selphie in the same spot. It is a pretty cool view from here.

I walked around this building and again really not much here. they did have an H&M so I went in and looked at some clothing, I am looking for some simple plain  nice ladies tee shirts. Nothing fancy just some solid color that are pretty and feminine looking that I can wear this summer if I go out in the day. they had some really cute ones but not even close to my size. I got down to the bottom floor which is actually under ground and went back to the first building and down to the food court which is also small. I was a little hungry so I got something for lunch. in all I was only there maybe an hour and wasn’t impressed. I walked back to where I parked and got on the elevator and up to the 9th floor and was on my way. As it was only about noon I drove over to Lloyd Center and went in as I wanted to see what Sears had.

I went in and walked down towards Sears. I was almost there ad herd someone call my name Susan. There was Bobby in boy mode, I haven’t seen him in a while as he doesn’t come out much any more with Cristine.  stood and talked with Bobby maybe 15 minutes catching up. It was nice to see him again. well I went into Sears and they had some really cute tee shirts well maybe more of active wear tee shirts but they were really cute colors. They even had some I think will fit me. I probably should have tried them on but instead I decided to buy just 1 and see how it fits. if it does then next time I am out shopping which should be Thursday I will buy a couple more. I picked the bright pink one.

I went to the check out to pay for it and the lady who helped me told me how much she liked my nails, which made me feel nice. It still amazes me that I really like it when I get compliments on how I look as Susan or how my nails look. I don’t even think about this when I am my male self. I thanked her and we talked a bit while she rang up my purchase.

I left Lloyd Center and headed for home well actually the Starbuck’s by my house. I got there about 2:30 and figured I would hang out here till maybe 5 before going home. I went and ordered and the lady at the counter welcomed me by name and asked what I would like. I really love this about Starbuck’s, The employees here all know me as no less then 4 of them said hi to me by name which makes you feel special. I got my drink and there was only 1 table right by the one door. I had only been there maybe 5 minutes when 2 men came in behind me talking and as they walked by I knew their voices, I knew both of them. I hoped they would get there drinks and go but they didn’t. They did sit at the other end by the other door as there was one table opened down there now.

I kept my head down with the hope they wouldn’t see me or at least if they did they wouldn’t see my face. they were here about 30 minutes before they left. They walked right by me on the way out and never said a thing to me so I don’t think they noticed anything. with my head down I don’t think they could have even told I wasn’t a female.

Well  I caught up on some things online and of course updated my blog. Have a  great day and thanks for reading.


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  1. Hi Susan,
    I’m a 38 yr old cd who has recently told his wife and am liking to have a day as Becca having coffee, shopping, getting nails done, whatever! Mostly I’d like to hang out with someone who is generous, caring, and understands at least a part of this struffle that most of us are, or have, gone through.

    Do you ever met any of your readers? Id live to hang out sometime!

    Comment by Becca | March 9, 2016 | Reply

    • HI Becca,
      NOt sure where you live but if you are in the Portland Oregon area you are always welcome to come out with our group, (Even your wife is welcome as we do have some wives in the group that come out with their husbands. We got out pretty much every Saturday night and a small group goes out on Fridays and we even have a few that go out on Wednesdays.

      Comment by susanmiller64 | March 10, 2016 | Reply

  2. You mentioned the two men, and you recognized their voices. Where did you know them from? And were you making a Plan B in case they recognized you?

    Comment by Janis Bryant | March 10, 2016 | Reply

    • I work with them and no I really didn’t have a Plan B. If they had recognized me there was really nothing I could have done.

      Comment by susanmiller64 | March 10, 2016 | Reply

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