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Friday and the start of my vacation.

well I have been looking forward to today for a while. I am on vacation for a week and plan on spending time as Susan including getting my nails done. As I left work I called and set up an appointment with Anna to get my nails done at 5:30. I got home and took a shower and started getting ready. As I was doing my makeup I got a chill which I figured was because I took a hot shower. I got all ready and was ready to leave and 4 of the neighbor kids were sitting out on the sidewalk. I know their parents know about my dressing but not sure they do but I had an appointment to get to so I went a head and left.

Susan manicure 3-4-2016 (2)I got to the nail salon and Anna was just finishing up with a lady so I picked out my color Sizzling Red. Anna started removing the old gel polish by soaking it to soften it. once she had that done she started preparing my nails for my new color. Now as I sat there it seemed cold in here. When she had finished that she told me to go wash my hands. I got up and as I walked to the back I got really warm. I got back and she started to put the polish on and it really was a pretty color. Anna and I were talking and it seemsSusan manicure 3-4-2016 (4) today had been really slow at the salon. I was her 3rd customer all day. As a matter of fact except for the lady that was here when I got here and 2 that came in as I was leaving that was it. As I was paying for my nails I could feel myself breaking out in a sweat and I was getting ache so I decided I would go home instead of going out tonight which was a good idea. Within a couple hours I was coughing and feeling really bad. I can’t believe I am going to get sick on this vacation too. Now I have had sins infections over the years but it has been many years since I was just sick and that is what this was.

I got up Saturday after a restless night and sure enough I had a fever and just felt bad. Now I was faced with what to do. I really needed to go to the doctor but I had bright red nails, Now I could soak the polish off at home but that would take time and I didn’t want to give up my pretty nails for the week.

There is an urgent care place not far from me that I have gone to before that usually isn’t busy so I decided I would go there and just try to hide my nails the best I could. There were only 1 other person there when I got there. Now I did have to show my insurance card and give the receptionist my credit card for my co-pay so I know she saw my nails but she said nothing. Now I was shown back to an exam room and the nurse took my blood pressure, pulse and temperature but I was able to hold my fingers in such a way that I am sure she didn’t see them. The doctor came in and said it sounded like I had the flu as from the way I described my symptoms. seems the current flu come on really quick in a matter of hours. Again I was able to hold my hands in a way he didn’t see my nails. It wasn’t till the doctor gave me my prescriptions that I was able to keep my fingers hid. Now when he did hand me the prescription he was looking at my face so not sure if he saw my nails but again if he did he didn’t say anything.

I left the doctors and went to get my prescription filled and again I knew I could not hide m hands. I got to the pharmacy and waited for my number to be called. When it was my turn I went up to the window and gave the lady my insurance card and prescription. She took my information and said I would be called back up when my prescription was ready. About 15 minutes later I was called back up and I got the same lady again. She had my prescription ready and I got out my credit card and paid for it. As I was leaving she said she hoped I felt better soon and then made the comment she loved my nails. I thanked her and headed home. Just this little out has worn me out. Hopefully I will be able to salvage part of my vacation and get out as Susan.


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  1. Sounds similar to what I had. Felt great in the morning and by afternoon was coughing my head off. Hope you feel better soon.

    Comment by cynthia0101 | March 6, 2016 | Reply

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