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Saturday night at the Escape Bar and Grill

Well it has been a fun day so far, I love days that I can spend as Susan. I actually spent longer at Starbucks then I panned so it was a little after 5 when I got home. I changed and put on a dress and heels and then  was going to touch up my makeup but I decided to redo my lipstick as I wanted to wear red tonight. I really do love the color red. I was on my way a little before 6.

I got to Escape a little after 6 and I was the first one there. Now I am not sure how many will show up but I am sure some will. I got a table and set up my computer and then went up to the bar to order. While I was waiting for the bar tender a man and woman across  the bar saw me and the man Called out my name “Susan” and asked me where the my friends were. I have seen them here before and told them I was early and they would be here later. I ordered dinner ad then went back to the table and played on my computer.

It was about 7:30 when Cristine arrived and Missy and her friend shortly after. Always nice to have friends out with you. Laura showed up shortly after 8 It was good to see her again. Jan, Lynn and Joan also made it out tonight. It was good to see all my friends.

We also had a new girl who came out with her girlfriend. It was actually her first time ever going out. It is always fun to meet a girl on her first night out, It always makes me think back to my first nights out and how I felt. The fear and excitement we all feel. Several of us talked with them and tried to make them feel welcome. Laura, Jan and I got a good chance to talk with them and learn a little about them. I hope we see them out again. Now for her first time she did really well, she even invited her roommate to the bar to meet her and he seemed fine with it, his girlfriend also invited one of her friend. So she is out to a few people something I would never have done. I still have not told any of my friends on my male side about Susan although I often think about it and wonder what they would say, what my co-workers would say. It would be nice not to have to hide any part of who I am but at this point in my life I just can’t be that open.

It was a really good night out as always. it was about 11:30 when I paid gel (4)my bill and headed home. Now it is Sunday and I am doing my blog and looking at my nails. I have one more week before vacation again and I really want to keep my nails long for vacation. I am wondering if I can make it one more week as they reallygel (5) are looking long I will put the matt polish back on them to hide the shine but I am worried about the length.

I am actually surprised I haven’t broken a nail as I have grown them out. Besides the gel polish on them I also put some OPI nail envy on the underside of my nails and I really think that has helped them. gel (6)It really would be awesome if I could have nails like this all the tie and with color like red or pink.

I think I will try to keep them through the following week so I can have fun with them on my vacation.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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