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Saturday at the movies

Well I started getting ready and I guess I took longer than I thought as it was 10:30 when I was finally ready. I grabbed my computer and I was on my way. Now there was a lot of traffic for a Saturday and that slowed me down so I actually got to the theater about 10:50 and parked in the parking garage across the street. now I had no idea how busy they would be or how full the theater would be. the movie has been out for a while now but then it is also a Saturday so I guess I will find out.

I walked across the street and there was a couple in front of me in line buying tickets for Star Wars: the force awakens. I got to the window and got a ticket, the lady asked if I had a Regal card which I do but I left it in the car and there wasn’t time to go back and get it so no discounts for me today. I went in and went to the Theater. there were about 20 people in there so I had my choice of seats to a point. To my surprise I was not the only one there by myself. there was a man in the front row and a woman one row behind me. well getting there late I didn’t have to wait long for the movie to start.

Okay now I am a big Star Wars fan as I still remember standing in line to see the first one back in 1977, wow it is hard to believe it has been almost 40 years since the original Star Wars came out. The movie was good not as good as some and better than others but in all I was happy with it and glad I saw it. If you are a Star Wars fan you need to see it. It even had 3 of the original cast in the movie of course they were much older. The movie is about 2 hour and 15 minutes long. By the time the movie got over and I got out to my car it was almost 2 pm.

I thought about going shopping but decided not to. I have some work I need to catch up on and I am also almost out of gas as I forgot to fill up yesterday.I figured I would go to the Starbucks by my house and do my blog and catch up on my work before heading home and changing for tonight to go to the Escape.

I Stopped and got gas first at the station right by my house. now it was a little cool out and windy so I got  a little cold filling up my gas tank. I drove across the parking lot to Starbucks and went in. There were about 12 people inside. There were 2 woman a head of me in line. I got to the counter and the young man asked me what I would like, as I was cold I ordered a hot chocolate, Starbucks has the best hot Chocolate. He took my order and even remembered my name. I will give Starbucks credit as there employees are good at remembering names. I also ordered a cheese Danish as I was kind of hungry. I got my order and went and sat at a table by the window.

Now the sun is out and shining through the window and it feels really good, it didn’t take long though for me to remove my sweater. It is actually really warm sitting here but it feels so nice, I am ready for summer and the sunshine.

now a little side note as I did my makeup this morning I tried to do my lips with a fuller look. last night doing the bottom lip looked so good I also tried it on my upper lip. I don’t like the way the upper lip turned out, I think on me it looks fine to make the lower lip fuller but not the upper, will have to remember this.

Well I sat here doing my blog and watching people come and go, it really is a steady stream of people that come here. As much as I have come here over the last two weeks I keep waiting to see someone I know.

It is 3 pm now and I am just finishing my blog. I have some work to do that I hope I can get done over the next hour or so. I hope to be home by 4 so I can relax a little and then change for the evening with the hope of being at the Escape by 6.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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