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Saturday night at the escape

Well Tonight I will go to the Escape bar and grill for my last outing as Susan before heading back to work, It has been a fun week. Now I got home from Starbucks after getting my nails done and the red removed. It has been a fun day so far. Well at home I chatted with Cassandra and a few others online, Cassandra was DJ’ing the room and it was the first time I got to hear her as I am never at home so I always have my volume turned off. She is really good at running the room.

Well at 5 I touched up my makeup and got ready to go. I wore the same thing I did all day although I did put my heels in the car to wear once if got to the escape. Now I am a little worried about my nails with the shinny pink tint to them so I decided to stop at Sally’s Beauty supply and get the stuff I need if I have to remove the gel polish. I needed some Acetone and they had a little kit with plastic holders to hold the cotton on your fingers so you don’t have to soak them.

I got to the Escape at 6 I was the first there. I ordered dinner as they have pizza now. I ordered a Canadian and Bacon pizza as they are really good. A few minutes later Karen who is the cook here came out and apologized as they did not have pizza tonight. Seems the cook that was suppose to work tonight called in and she came in last minute on her day off. She really is nice and likes us all. I ordered something different.

Cassandra showed up next and she also had her computer. Cassandra and I talked a little before the other girls showed up. Laura H. and Lisa showed up first and then Laura M. and Jenny showed up. Laura was wearing the skirt she bought while we were out shopping.

Alicia also made it tonight, it was wonderful to see her again. It has been a while since I have seen her. She also had to friends that came out with her tonight. It was nice to meet them and I got a chance to talk with them for a while. Debbie, Dee and Rachael also made it out tonight so we had a big group out tonight. Lots of good conversation.

Bobbie and her wife Pam also made it out tonight. They were in town for the weekend and joined us. It was great to see them again as it really 12742052_10208486100734274_688174557171912989_nhas been a long time. Pam is so supportive of Bobbie which is wonderful. Of course we had to get a picture. It was nice to talk to them for a while.

There was also a group playing pool  men and 5 woman and they were really fun. We were taking some pictures and one of them named Dustin came over and got in one of the pictures with us that Pam took. She told him she would put it on Facebook. He came back a little while later and was still waiting for it to show up on Facebook so they were trying to get it online. Well I took a picture with him and posted it on my Facebook and he found me and sent me a friends request so I could tag him in the picture.

12717399_10208485948410466_4373951195309752614_nSo this is Dustin and me. There group was really fun and we got along well with them. I talked several times with them and they thought I looked beautiful.

Well it was about 11 when I left and went home. Now I had to say goodbye to my shinny nails. Shinny, pink and long would just be to much for work. I put my mat nail polish on and it did hide the shininess and it also helped make them look not so long. The one thing it didn’t do is help with the pink. Now I wondering if I can keep them. I really want to keep them this way for the next 2 week as I will be on vacation again and it would be awesome to have long pretty nails for that vacation. I think as long as they don’t get a close look at them I will be fine. I will at least give it a try. now if I can go 2 weeks without trimming them they will be pretty long. We will see how it goes.

Thanks for reading

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  1. I hope you can keep your nails longer, but understand if you don’t. I run mine on the longer side all of the time and never seem to get remarks from others. I also use a somewhat light pink polish from time to time, and almost always have a glossy polish of some sort. So my point is that you might be able to get away with it at work. It depends mostly upon how bright the pink is. If it blends in with your nail bed’s color, you can probably manage not to raise too many eyebrows. Most people are so much into themselves that they don’t even notice what somebody else is doing.

    Good luck! I’ve really enjoyed reading about your week of adventure.

    Comment by Sami Brown | February 22, 2016 | Reply

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