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Saturday and time to remove the red from my nails.

I got up today knowing I have to remove the red from my nails which is such a shame as they still look just as good as they did last Saturday when I got them done. They really do look pretty. Well I got dressed 20160220_121447and yes I am wearing one of my pairs of Jeggings I bought yesterday and they are really comfortable. I left my house at 10 am I drove to the Starbucks by my house and from there called the nails salon which is right across the street to see if I could get in for a manicure and polish change. Turns out Saturday is there busy day. Anna had an opening at 1 pm so I took it. this would give me almost 3 hours to enjoy my20160220_121459 nails. I walked into the Starbucks and they were packed. Now I don’t mind I being busy but there was not an open seat or table any place as a matter of fact there were a few people standing next to tables with people they were talking with so I left.

Now there are several Starbucks around that I have not been to so I drove a  couple miles to one and they were still busy but they did have one table open so I put my computer on it and went and ordered a drink. I guess Saturday is the day people go to Starbucks also as there was a steady stream of people coming in the while time I was here. Starbucks is a really good place to go and people watch.

Well normally I do my blog for Friday at home Saturday morning but this gave me a chance to do it at Starbucks. It really is more fun blogging about my time as Susan when I am out as Susan, just kind of makes a complete circle. Now as I said it is fun to people watch here and I was really paying attention to what the people were wearing especially the woman. Now I would say that 70% of them had on leggings, some with skirts but I never really noticed how many woman wear them The rest were mostly jeans although I think a couple of the jeans were like mine Jeggings and of course there were a couple in skirts.

Well it is amazing how fast that time went and soon it was time to leave for my nail appointment. I got there right at 1 and Anna was just finishing up with a lady and it was busy. they had 7 nail techs there and all were busy and there were 3 ladies waiting. Anna told me to pick out my color which I did. it is called clear pink #401 which I have gotten before. it is a clear polish with just the slightest pink tint to it. You really can’t see the pink unless you are in bright sunlight and looking close so it is a safe color.

Anna finished the lady she was doing and called me over to her table. she looked at my nails and said they still looked great why did I want to change them. I just told her I was going back to work and the red was just way to much. She filed the top coat off and then put the cotton on to soften the gel polish so it could be removed. the first nail was the hardest to watch. it really didn’t take long to remove the gel and my nails were back to there normal look a bit long though.

Anna started my manicure and I asked her to shorten them a little as they were a little on the long side for when I am not Susan, which she did but kept the same shape. I looked at them and they looked short enough and the shape seamed fine. I went and washed my hands and came back to the table. Anna said she wanted to try #409 and she showed my the color and it looked about the same clear with a pink tint to it so I decided to try it. Anna put on a clear base coat and then the first coat of #409 which is called kiss of pink. now with gel polish you dry them as you go in an ultra violet machine. she finished the first coat and there was the slightest pink tint to my nails. she did a second coat and the the clear top coat and I looked at my nails and you could see the pink color if you looked close.

The manicure with gel polish was $25 so not that bad and my nails looked nice. I paid and was on my way. I am really thinking of trying to get a manicure every couple weeks as it is fun and I enjoy it. Anna thanked me and I was on my way. I got in my car and went to put my ring on and wow in natural light my nails really do have a pink tint to them and they do look 20160220_143335a lot longer then they did without polish. I am wondering if I will be able to keep them this way, I have a mat nail polish I was putting over the clear gel to get rid of the shine I am hoping it will also cover up the pink color. The color doesn’t20160220_143936 show up very well in the pictures as I tried several attempts. It really is amazing how a polish even a clear can make your nails look longer.

Well I left the nail salon and as I drove home I passed the Starbucks and I could see a couple tables empty inside so I figures I would stop and do this blog before going home. Now they were still busy but I had a place to sit. I ordered my drink and the girl behind the counter remembers my name which was nice although I have been here a few 20160220_145401times over the last week.

SO I sat here for a little over an hours doing my blog and catching up on some work. It is amazing as there are some of the same people here that I have seen here on other days. I guess a lot of people come here and hang out so I am not the only one. As I sit here there are 2 ladies at the next table and both have beautiful red nails and I find myself being jealous of them because they can have them when ever they want.

Well time to leave as I have things to do, I think I will stop and get lunch before heading home.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.


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