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Friday the last official day of my vacation.

Wow it is hard to believe how fast this week has gone. Now I had no real plans for today other than I needed to go to Sears as I need to get a new garbage disposal so I hadn’t planned on being Susan till tonight. I got up and started thinking about it I thought I still have my pretty red nails I might as well go to Sears as Susan. I got all dressed and was on my way to Sears at Lloyd Center. I decided to text Laura and see if she had any plans. I figured if she didn’t maybe she would want to meet for some more shopping. I figured if she did I would spend the day as Susan instead of going home and replacing my garbage disposal. Laura tested me back she would meet me so it would be another girls day out.

I parked and went in and down to sears. It is fun to go shopping for clothes and makeup but it is also fun shopping for everyday things you need, doing the normal everyday type things as Susan. I got the disposal unit and took it out to my car as I really didn’t want to carry it around while we shopped. Now I just had to wait for Laura so I headed off to Barns and Noble to look around. kind of a fun place as you can brows around and do a little reading. Laura finally texted me she was there and then we had fun trying to find each other as they are doing a remodel here and things are really torn up. Well we finally found each other and started walking around. We started off at Ross Dress for Less and looked at clothes but didn’t find anything. It really was more about being out though.

Laura wanted to go to Torrid so that was our next stop. This is a cool store as I they cater to the larger girl. we looked around and found several cute dresses. while we were looking I a lady who it turns out is the wife of a co-worker. She doesn’t know me really well and I just tried to keep my back to her. funny as a few years back I would have been out of that store and probably left the mall but today I was going to keep shopping and just keep my back to her. Now Torrid is a small store so not a lot of room to move around in and a couple times we almost came face to face but I was determined to stay.

Laura found a dress she wanted to try on so I moved towards the front of the store and was looking at their jeans, I really need to find a nice pair of jeans but I can’t seem to find a woman’s jean that will fit. either to tight in the waist or way to lose in the hips. Seems I don’t have the proper hip to waist per portion. Well they had what they called Jeggings which are actually jeans made of the same material as leggings so they are stretchy and tight. I decided to try a pair on. well because of the material they fit really well. they were a little more than I wanted to spend but they were also a buy 1 get  half off.  picked out a second pair and tried it on and if fit just as well. So I bought 2 pairs and I can’t wait to wear them. Laura also bought the dress she tried on. The ladies here were wonderful and s helpful. it really was a great experience.

From here we walked down to ULTA as Laura wanted to get a lipstick to match her dress. We found Laura a really bright pink lipstick to match her dress. ULTA is a huge makeup store and have al kinds of makeup from drugstore brands to the higher end makeup. so if you are looking for makeup there is a good chance ULTA will have it. It has been a fun couple hours but it was now about 2 so we called it a day. I wanted to get home before traffic got to bad as I will need to freshen up before going to Sweethome tonight.

We walked towards where we parked as it turnd out we parked only a couple cars apart although I had texted Laura the entrence I parked by. We said our goodbyes and left it really is fun having a girlfriend to shop with I am glad Laura could make it as it was way more fun than going home and replacing my garbage disposal. that will be my project for Sunday. I got almost home and decided to stop at the Starbuck’s by my house as I have a little time before I need to freshen up and head out for the night.

So I am sitting here at the Starbuck’s doing my blog. it is funny as this will be my 801 st blog entry. Wow it is hard to believe I have had that many adventures as Susan, some big ones and some small ones but each and every one is important to me as it is a part of who I am, my online diary of Susan. 

Tomorrow I will have to go and get the red gel polish removed from my nails. By the way they look just as good today as they did when I got them done a week ago, no chis and just as shinny, the gel polish does hold up a lot batter but it does cost more. It will be sad to go back to just regular nails. Then tomorrow night will be at the Escape and that will be the last of my vacation time for Susan. Monday back to work and back to the limited time for Susan. I do have another Vacation coming up in a few weeks but not sure how much Susan time I will get on that Vacation. It has been a fun week thanks to all who read my blog and share my life with me.

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