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just a short blog about Tuesday afternoon and evening as I didn’t do much.

I left the Clackamas around 2 and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. The fact I am pretty much over my sickness is good but still on medication so I have been going home for dinner to eat. I just figured I would get home a little early. I was a couple blocks from home and I saw the Starbucks. Now I try not to go places as Susan close to where I live for fear of running into someone I know but I just didn’t want to go home yet and I figured I have been going to the nail salon across the street why not the Starbuck. I don’t go there as my male self.

I stopped and packed and went in. now for a small Starbucks it was really busy. As I walked in there was a lady sitting at a table by the door and she took a good look at me and smiled. I smiled back but one always has to wonder what they are thinking. I went up and ordered my drink and then looked for a place to sit with my computer. There was only one small table right by the door next to her table facing her. Well I walked over and sat down and got out my computer.

Now a few times I would look and and notice her glancing at me. She would only glance and then go back to what ever she was doing on her computer. the funny thing is this starts playing on your mind. I started to wonder if she new me from someplace and was trying to figure it out. As I sat there no my mind started think and I started really looking at her and trying to figure out if I knew her. I could see her name on her cup and I didn’t recognize the name. This is where the mind really gets to you, as time went by I started to think I knew her and tried to figure it out. The one thing I helped was I figured if she knew me and sitting so close she would say something to me even if it was just casual conversation.

She finished on her computer and then ate some food while laying on her cell phone. I of course was catching up on some things on my computer. It must have been over an hour we sat next to each other and the more I saw her the more familiar she looked but I figured that was just because I was are ally concentration on her. Well she finally got up to leave and as she walked by me she smiled and told me I really looked nice today. I thanked her and she left. Now I still don’t know who she is or if I know her or she knows me and I probably will never know but it was just a really interesting experience. I sat there for maybe another hour before driving the 2 blocks to my house.

After I ate I was deciding if I wanted to go out or just stay home the rest of the night. I debated for about 30 minutes and then decided I would see how I looked and decide. I checked out my makeup and it appeared to have held up pretty well all day. Now I did need to make a run t the grocery store for a few items I need as I said being sick last week kind of messed up my schedule, so with a few quick touchups I decided I would go to the grocery store. Not the one by my house as I go there all the time as my male self. I decided to go to Fred Meyers several miles away one I never really go to. and as it was only 6:45 and there is a Starbucks near by I took my computer. There is still some work I need to do and I figured I might as well do it at Starbuck’s

I got there and they were not busy at all. I sat there and finished some of my work till they closed at 9 and then went to Fred Meyers ad did some shopping. Fred Meyers was actually pretty busy for as late as it was. I did my shopping and then went home.

Now tomorrow, Wednesday I have some things I have to do and I really can’t do them as Susan so I wont get to be her till the evening. Of course it may be a little difficult being out as my mail self with my red nails. It is gel polish on them so not really easy to get off plus I want to keep them till the weekend so it should be a little interesting. Wednesday night we are having dinner and meeting with our attorney to get all the information on the law suit against the P-Club which is officially over and we won, the verdict stands. We will find out what happens now.

Now as I said when we started this it wasn’t about money and I really never thought we would get anything. Even now I realize he doesn’t have anything in his name and I don’t think we will collect. It was something one of the girls said to me that got me thinking. The state got a fine against him which from what I understand they don’t collect till we are paid which may make them go after him but more importantly our attorney doesn’t get anything if we don’t collect so she will probably be going after him also. This is something that is important to me and many of the girls. WE got what we wanted the law upheld and confirmed you can’t discriminate against someone for being transgender. Our Attorney put in a lot of time and resources on this case she did a wonderful job and she deserves to get compensated for what she did and for that reason I really do hope we can collect.


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