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Tuesday and a little more shopping.

Well it is Tuesday of my vacation week and I am wanting to spend some Susan time again so I figured I would go and do a little more shopping today but really didn’t know where I wanted to go. I guess I should also mention that I went out briefly last night again. I had gotten home and had a little snack for dinner and then checked my e-mail. I had 2 e-mails from ULTA one reminding me of my free gift for my birthday which expires soon and also a 20% off one item. Now it is funny as these type of offers do nothing for my male side but for Susan it was an excuse to go to ULTA and look around. So I got in my car and drove there. I needed a few things and figured why not get the discount and my birthday gift. I found the things I needed and instead of going to the counter I kept looking. well I found a contour kit and right above it was a sign that said free 14 piece gift with purchase of any ULTA makeup so I picked one up and headed to the check stand. My birthday gift was a free mascara and I got my 20% off the most expensive item I bought. And soon I was on my way. now there is a new Starbucks just down from ULTA and turns out they were open till 9 pm so I sat there for a while on my computer before going home.

I only really mentioned this quick outing as while I was getting ready and figuring out where I wanted to go today I took my new makeup out of the bag and noticed they had forgot to give my the free 14 piece gift set. Normally a day later I would not have worried about it but I thought why not go back there as Susan and see if I can get it. I got dressed and today I wore my black skirt, black top, black boots and my new sweater I bought yesterday. I got to ULTA just a little after 10 and went in. The 20160216_100416lady asked me if she could help me. I explained what happened and showed her my receipt. She smiled and gave me a gift bag and asked if she could keep the receipt to show her manager why she gave a gift away. I said sure and I was on my way with the bag. Was a lot easier than I thought. This is a couple selfies of me in my car with my new sweater on.

I also made a quick stop at Burlington Coat20160216_100405 to look at shoes and the their intimate apparel section. they really had some good prices and I found this really cute pink bra. now the funny thing is I couldn’t remember what size I bought last time so I was standing there holding them up in front of me. I found one I think is right so I bought it.

From there I went to Wigland to look at wigs, mine is really starting to show the wear. I looked around and the man there asked if I needed help. I told him I was looking to replace my wig and he told me he didn’t have the one I was wearing but would be doing an order tomorrow and will try to get one. I tried on a couple really cute wigs but the color was just bad on me. I really think I need to stay with the lighter colors. I did find one that wasn’t bad so I bought it.

It was almost lunch time and I was close to Lloyd Center and I thought about going there for a while but nut really thrilled with their food court so I decided to drive back out to Clackamas Town Center and have lunch, they have a huge food court with lots of tables and I could also check out and see what movies they have as I may try and see Star Wars or the Danish Girl this week. I got there right at noon and parked by the food court and went in. They have a place called Kelly’s Cajun grill and as I walked by the girl gave me a sample and it was really good. so I got something to eat here. I walked to the the movie side of the food court so I could sit right on the main aisle way of the mall and food court and people watch. there were probably 40 tables around me all empty. I sat down and started to eat.

I had no more than started when I saw 4 young boys probably high school age walking towards me. now for those who go out high school kids can be the worst to run into when you are out. the waked by me and sat down at the next table. I am thinking 40 tables in this section and they have to sit at the one right next to me. They looked at me a couple of times but really paid no attention to me so I kept eating. The one boy started waving his arm and I looked up and here came about 9 other kids but at least there were 2 girls in this group. I am thinking why are they not in school. this group joined them and now there were 13 kids sitting at the tables around me. I just kept eating. son here came 3 more kids and a young lady which appeared to be in her 20’s and the funny thing was she had on almost the same outfit I did. black skirt, black top, black boots. she joined the group of kids. as I was finishing up lunch here came 2 more adults and a bunch of kids, 2 in wheel chairs. This caught my eye and for the first time I started to pay attention. Looking at them I am guessing they all have some kind of disability and it looks like these 3 adults brought them to the mall today which I thought was wonderful.

well I finished lunch sitting in this big group and thought about what to do next. well I got out my computer and her I sit now writing this blog. I sat here for about an hour and during that time one of the boys waved at me and said hi. Finally the group all got up and left and I found my self sitting in a bunch of empty tables. I am not sure what I will do for the rest of the day maybe a little more shopping.


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  1. I am enjoying your series on your vacation. I am thinking of doing something similar when I take a vacation this summer, so I am really interested in all of the details. You go, girl!

    Comment by Sami Brown | February 16, 2016 | Reply

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