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A little shopping on Monday.

Well I decided I was going to go shopping today at least for a little while. I am still not feeling 100% but I am way better than I was a few days ago, besides just sitting in my house while on vacation is not my idea of fun. Besides maybe being Susan will may me feel better at least in spirit.

I got up at 7:30 and started the process of becoming Susan, Yes this is what I need. It too a little longer but that was okay, it was a little after 9 am when I left. Now my plan was to go to Clackamas Town Center as I have a Nordstrom’s gift card and I need some more foundation and I use the MAC Studio Fix as it really gives me a nice coverage. So I got in my car and pulled out of the garage and was on my way. I got about 3 blocks from home when I realized I left the gift card on my bed so I had to turn around and go back home, luckily I wasn’t far away. I got the gift card and was on my way again. as I was driving I noticed the gas gauge on my car was really low I would have to get gas today so I figured I would stop at a Fred Meyer gas station and got gas. they were packed and I had to wait in line. so much for advance planning of my day. with my car full of gas I was on my way again.

I got to Clackamas Town center and parked right outside of Nordstrom’s, I got there just as they were opening the door. I went in and headed for the Cosmetic section and the MAC counter. As  walked up one of the ladies asked if I needed any help. I was actually the only customer here at the moment. I told her the foundation I needed and I also got an eyebrow pencil. probably didn’t need to get that at the MAC counter but I had the gift card and figured why not. Soon I had one of those MAC bags with my purchase inside and I was on my way.

I went out into the mall and walked down to Sears to check out their clothing. I looked around and found myself in a section with Sweaters. Now I have my wrap that I wear but it is kind of bulky and was a little to warm for today so I started looking. I really need to expand my Susan wardrobe. I have a good selection of dresses but casual wear is pretty limited, I have several pairs of Capri’s, a couple skirts and one pair of leggings which is what I wore today. So I thought I would see if I could find a Sweater, I am not a real big fan of sweaters but it seems every woman has a few so I figured it was time for me to get one. I found a really cute one and it fit and was on sale so I bought it.

From here I walked to JC Pennies which is at the opposite end of the mall. Now I figured being a Monday the mall would not be very busy early on but there were a lot more people here than I thought would be and there were a lot of kids here also and I was wondering why they were not in school. I looked at some of the clothes at Pennies and didn’t see anything that I liked at least not in my size. they did have some really cute dresses including a really cute red one but I think the biggest size I saw was a 12 and most were size 4 to 10. Wow what I would give to be smaller. It is funny as most men want to be tall and buff and I would be so happy if I were 5’6” and small framed. I walked through the intimate apparel section as I should it is a fun section to shop. It really is fun to shop for female items as they are so much more beautiful then male clothing and such a wide selection and the best part is going shopping as Susan. I think back to when I would go as my male self and tell them or try to convince them I was buying gifts for someone and now I can’t imagine shopping for clothes for Susan as my male self. I guess I have come full circle.

I didn’t buy anything here so it was back into the mall, I did stop and look around in a couple of the costume jewelry stores, Torids, H&M and of course Victoria’s Secret. It is funny how many times I have been in a Victoria’s Secret as Susan but I don’t think I have ever been in there as my male self. Again  didn’t buy anything else so it was finally time to leave so I walked back through Nordstrom’s and back out to my car. I had been here almost 2 hours. Now as I said I am feeling better but I was a little tired so I decided to stop and get some lunch as I was kind of hungry. I stopped at Cascade Statin by the airport and went to the Panda Express there, yes I like Panda express as the food is good and I can eat it with a fork and not mess up my lipstick.

I went in and ordered some lunch and sat at a table to eat it. It was fairly busy and I picked a table by the window so I could watch the people walking by. I had a nice lunch but still don’t have my appetite back as I only ate a little more than half of what I would normally eat, on the bright side maybe I will lose a little weight this week.

after lunch it was about 1 and I was thinking about what to do, of course I didn’t want to go home and sit there buy wasn’t feeling up to walking around stores. I have it Starbuck’s, I can catch up on some e-mails and just relax.

I decided to go to my favorite Starbucks in Vancouver. I haven’t been there in a long time as they close at 8 now. It is funny as this was one of my first places I went by myself as Susan and felt really comfortable. I have been coming here for over 6 years now wow it doesn’t seem like that long. I use to try to come here once a week to work on my computer. over the last year I have only been here a few times which is sad as it really helped me get use to being out by myself. I parked and went n and they were really busy, only one table open by the counter so  put my computer on it and went up to order.

Now the funny story is the young man who took my order was really nice and asked me my name for the cup and I told him it was Susan. he asked if that was with an S or a Z. first time I have had that question. I told him an S and joked with him that it really didn’t matter. He smiled and told me he just wanted to be sure as people misspell his name all the time as he pointed to his name tag and he didn’t want to make that mistake. I thanked him and then went to the counter to wait for my drink. The lady at the counter remembered me and said it was good to see me again as it had been a long time and they missed me which really made me feel good. This really is a wonderful Starbuck’s. well I got my drink and sat down and as I looked at it my name was spelled Susanne and I laughed a little.

Now I am sitting here watching all the people come and go and it really is busy and lots of kids. I got online to do some e-mails and the first thing that popped up was a Presidents Day Ad, That right today is presidents Day, a Holiday and Schools, banks and government offices are closed. no wonder so many people are out today. Well it has been a fun day and  will sit here for a while and update my blog and catch up on some other things before heading home as Tomorrow is another day and Susan will once again be out.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Have fun this week, I hope you continue to feel better. If you are looking for an outing as Susan, and something different, go to a store, and try on long gowns. I usually go to a store that sells wedding dresses, and have found the sales people very helpful. It’s fun to try on the dresses and look and feel glamorous.

    Comment by Lori Michelle | February 16, 2016 | Reply

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