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Super Bowl Sunday

Well today is Super Bowl Sunday and the Broncos are playing the Panthers. Now I am not a big football fan by any means but some of the girls were going to the 52nd Ave. Sports Bar to watch the game so I figured I would go. After all it really wasn’t about what we were doing it was about being out with my friends. I started getting ready with the hopes of being on my way by 1 as I knew some of the girls were getting there early, the game didn’t start till 3:30 but I think Cassandra was going to get there by noon. Well it took a little longer getting ready so it was about 1:30 when I left home. My neighbor across the street was in his garage and I know his wife knows about me so I am pretty sure he does also so I wasn’t too worried about leaving.

I got to 52nd Ave sports bar just before 2 and went in, Cassandra, Cristine, Veronica were already there and they all had their computers or tablets so I got mine out also. We all talked as we played on our electronic devises. I wrote my blog from last night at Harvey’s. Today actually makes 3 days in a row for Susan being out so it has been an awesome weekend. Laura Jenny and Sophia showed up so we had a good size group. It wasn’t long and Stacy, Michelle, Michele (in male mode), Cassie and another girl showed up so we had at least 11 of us there.

By 3 the bar was packed so it was good we got there early to get tables. Some of the girls were dressed casual and some had their team jersey on ( Cassandra and her Broncos jersey) she is a huge Bronco fan as were most people in the bar. I wore a my black and white dress and heels after all I am not a football fan I was here to be Susan and have fun.

At 3 the bar put out a Taco buffet and it was free, I think some of the regulars brought in food also for this. I wish I had known as I would have brought some food also. The food was really good so a big thanks to the Bar for this and anyone who brought some of the food. I have only been here a couple times over the last 3 years as the girls come here mostly for Monday night football and I just can’t make it on Mondays as I get up 20160207_135819to early during the week for work. Of course I did have to have one picture of me today, I took this in my car when I first got here. 

WE all got our food and sat down to watch the big game. It was actually a good game, reasonably close. There were some good plays and some not so good plays and at Half time the Broncos were winning. Now the half time show was just as good as the game at least for me and what I really enjoyed were the commercials. It is the one time a year where they really do have good commercials, they spend a fortune making these commercials and pay a fortune to have them on during the Super Bowl. I think I read someplace that the TV network will make 700 million dollars on the commercials they run during the game and if it goes into overtime they can push that to almost a billion dollars.

well ten second half started and it was just as good as the first half. The Broncos did a good job and kept the Panthers from scoring a lot. in the end the Broncos won 24 to 10. I really expected a higher score as both teams have good offence. It was about 7:30 when the game got over and people started to leave. I stayed a little and talked with my friends.

I finally went up to pay my bill and Cassie was sitting at the bar talking to 2 woman. Cassie introduced me to them and they both told me how pretty I was and how wonderful my makeup looked so I liked them right away. Their names were Robin and Tina and they were really nice. I stood there and talked with them for maybe 20 minutes and of course I had to show them a few of my pictures in my blonde hair. It is amazing how much a different color hair can make you look.

well it was now getting late and I have to be up at 4 am for work so I told everyone good night and was on my way. what a fun day it was. I always say it really is not about what we do as a group but rather the people I am out with that makes it so awesome and I really do have some awesome friends and have met some wonderful people as Susan.

thanks for reading and I hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine.



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Saturday night and time for Harvey’s Comedy club

Well Saturday is here and tonight we are going to Harvey’s Comedy club which is always a fun night. We have 25 signed up to go so it should be a big turnout although I am sure a few wont make it as with a group this big something always comes up. I started getting ready at 4, it still amazes me how much I look forward to getting ready. As a male I get ready as quick as I can and usually in 20 minutes after all there really isn’t much to getting ready for my male self, shower and shave and getting dressed. Susan loves her time getting ready and trying to look pretty and lady like. I really do take a lot more pride in how Susan looks. I think it is because society holds females to a higher standard on how they look which really isn’t fair. Men a nice shirt and pants and they are good where woman it is the whole look, hair, makeup, jewelry outfit, shoes, and how it all goes together.

I was ready and on my way by 6. I got downtown and Parked and walked to Fox & Hound, Veronica was the only one there so far but Cassandra showed up just a little later so we moved from the bar to some tables as we were expecting a big group. It wasn’t long and girls started to show up. Laura, Jenny, Barb Jan, and Lynn. We stayed here till a little after 8 talking before we left and headed for Harvey’s. It was a little cool out tonight but we still had a nice walk, about 7 blocks.

Cristine was at Harvey’s when we got there and of course Star the Bar tender greeted us all with a hug. Now I know I am going to miss some people but will try my best. Sophie, Lorna, Mikaela and her wife and sister in-law, Michelle and her friend and Cassie all showed up and I know I missed someone as we had 21 that made it tonight. Now I wore the same Blue and Black dress I did a coupe weeks ago and it was a good choice as I had 2 woman tell me what a great dress it was and how Susan Mikaela at Harveys 2-6-2016pretty I looked in it while we were in the lounge waiting for the early show to get over. This is me and Mikaela.

Well it was finally time to go in and Kim had our table all set up, Kim is so awesome I always look forward to seeing her. There was a good crowd here tonight and it is always fun to people watch as you see woman in really sexy dresses and heels to those in jeans and a tee shirt. Of course I am more interested in the dresses and heels.

The show started and it was really good as always. This really is a fun night out. we all had fun and laughed all night long and that is good for you, everyone needs to laugh more. As always it went by so fast and soon it was all over. The headliner was Jackie Fabulous came over to our group and wanted a picture with us and of course you know how much I and my friend like to get pictures. It really was fun.

Well we stayed a little and talked with Kim for a while it was such a fun night. It was about 11:45 when we left and walked back to our cars. It is always sad to see the night come to an end but I will see a lot of them tomorrow as we are meeting at a bar to watch the Super Bowl.

Have a great day and thanks for reading.

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