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Saturday night out at the Escape

Susan Miller saturday nght out 1-30-2016 (2)Well another Saturday night and I am going out as I am really looking forward to seeing my friends. We herd this week that our law suit against the P-Club and Chris Penner is over, the court upheld the judgment against him and he has no more options for appealing this. It will be a fun and interesting evening.

I started getting ready about 5 which was a little later then I paned but was busy all day long. on the bright side I new what I was going to wear and just how I wanted to do my makeup. I wanted to try something new as I have been watchingSusan Miller saturday nght out 1-30-2016 (3) some online videos where woman use two different shades of foundation to contour and highlight their face. Now I did not go as far as they did but I did use a really light shade and a really dark shade in areas and then blended them and I think it turned out really well. there are many videos on this if you want more information. I actually think it turned out really well especially for a first try.

Susan Miller saturday nght out 1-30-2016 (1)I was ready to leave by 6 so it really didn’t take any longer to do this. I got to the Escape at 6:30 and went in. Cassandra was already there so we got a chance to talk about the court order and what it means now. Our attorney wants to get together with all of us and let us know what comes next, Now we did get a huge judgment against Chris Penner which really surprised us all and we really don’t think we will get anything but I am sure the state and especially our attorney will do what they can to recover the money as our attorney who was awesome and did a wonderful job did it all with no fees to us she gets nothing unless they recover money. now for me what is even more important than the money is the fact that it is now case law in Oregon that you can not discriminate against transgender or treat them any different the any other female and as they say on TV that is priceless. I am really looking forward to meeting with her one to thank her and also get more information.

Well as I had on a new dress I had to have Cassandra take a picture as ISusan Miller saturday nght out 1-30-2016 (7) tried a couple at home on timer but I wanted to make sure I had a good one also. Wow I really need to work on my pose as I really look stiff. well something for Susan to work on. Laura M and Dee showed up along with Cristine, Debbie and a few others so we had a good turnout tonight.

Now tonight I did plat some pool, Cassandra and I were Susan Miller saturday nght out 1-30-2016 (5)partners and played a few other teams and won. I actually made the winning shot on 3 of the games even though Cassandra made most of the shots. One team was was a male and female couple or at least I thought they were a couple at the start. Turns out they were friends and both thought I was beautiful. As a matter of fact the female asked is she could take me out for dinner, as a matter of fact she asked me several times and said she would give me her number which she didn’t but it still made me feel awesome. I think this is really the first time I have been asked out for a date by a woman and it was a great feeling.

Now she is a lesbian and that is fine but I am not sure she understands I am really a male who just likes to be Susan part time. I am not going to Transition and although I can look female I am still male. Still I found myself really thinking about accepting the dinner invitation but didn’t as it would be a wonderful experience. It is amazing how wonderful this makes you feel. Now her male friend I think also like me and again don’tSusan Miller saturday nght out 1-30-2016 (6) get me wrong it does feel great to have people like you, think your special, pretty, beautiful but I am not at all interested in men in that way. Any way he did talk me into singing Karaoke with him. we sang 3 dog nights song “Never been to Spain” Luckily he sang really loud and I of course sang soft so it worked out good. Right now I wont sing alone but maybe someday I will but I will sing with others.

It was a fun night and I had a wonderful time out and I did spend some time on my computer chatting with Melissa one of my pal talk friends. She is really nice, I really have made some wonderful friends as Susan. Susan really does have a wonderful life. I get to be who I am and go out and that is so important. I have a vacating coming up as I have a couple weeks I have to use and as I can’t go to Diva Las Vegas this year I am thinking about things I want to do and right now I am thinking of doing them as Susan, maybe go to the beach as I have wanted to go there and it has been years and of course there will be some shopping. It will be fun.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.


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  1. Hi Susan. The beach sounds great. My partner/wife and I spent two weeks on the Washington coast in our motorhome last fall. Spent the full time as Charleme. Not much glamor mostly everyday dress and activities. Beach combing,beach shop shopping,coffee,restaurants etc.
    Also really like your blue dress.

    Comment by Charlene Peterson | February 1, 2016 | Reply

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