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A wonderful week and now it is time for a Friday night out.

Well it is Friday and it has been a wonderful week and I say that because we herd from our Attorney on Wednesday and the issue we had with the P-club and it owner Chris Penner is over and final, The court upheld the order in our favor.

Greetings, all!  It’s been awhile since we have been in touch, but the time has definitely come to celebrate:  BOLI’s order is finally final!  As you know, Penner appealed the Order to the Court of Appeals and argument took place last year in Madras.  The Court of Appeals upheld the Order and Penner filed a motion to reconsider.  The Court again upheld the Order.  No further appeal is available, so it’s done!

There are no more appeals available to him and the order stands, we won. Now we can put this behind us and move on knowing that the State law does in fact give protection to those who are Transgender. I really wanted to go out and celebrate on Wednesday but just could work it out so tonight, Friday night I will be out and see some of my friends.

I started getting ready at 5 and was already by 6 and on my way to Sweethome. I got there and Chris was there playing pool and also Samantha, She was in town again for the day and joined us tonight. It was good to see here again. She has a 2 hour drive to get here so she doesn’t get out as often. Well I ordered dinner and and talked a little with Samantha and a lady at the next table named Lo. I really like meeting new people.

It wasn’t long and Sara showed up, she is a member from our group that lives in California and only gets to Portland on rare occasions. I think this might have been the first time I have met her though. She is really nice and I enjoyed talking with her. She is in town for the weekend so I am sure she will go out with us tomorrow night to the Escape. Roxy also showed up so we had 5 of us tonight.

It was a fun night as I also got to see some of my other friends I have made here, Mareinna, Dawni, and Angie. This really is a nice friendly bar and the owner Paul was so nice and invited our group to come here after he herd about the P-club telling us not to come back and that was really nice and something we needed at that time.

It was pretty busy here tonight as the other group had a member with a birthday seems January is a good month for Birthday if course since I had my birthday last weekend I have to support January for birthdays. Karaoke started a little late tonight but there were a lot of people wanting to sing. ne of the ladies sang the song To Sir with Love which I haven’t herd in a long time but I really like it and she did a great job.

It was a fun night and again I was the last to leave as I stayed and listened to Dawni and Mareinna sing. It was about 11:30 when I left. As  was leaving I herd someone call my name so I stopped to see who it was Amanda. she was just getting here. She is another one of my friends I have made here. We stood in the parking lot for a while talking. It was a good night and I am hoping to go out tomorrow night to the Escape as there will be more f our group there and I am sure we will be talking about the courts order and what happens now, we all feel like celebrating as it has been a long journey. It is hard to believe that this all started back in June of 2012 that we were excluded from the P-club, it has been 3 1/2 years. it doesn’t seem like it has been that long. We hope to meet with our attorney in the next couple weeks and find out what this all means and where we go from here. I will of course keep you all up to date on what happens next

Have a great day and thanks for reading.

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