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Interesting quick Saturday morning post

Okay this is not my normal post as most of my posts are about by time going out as Susan but I just had to share this. Now normally when I gat home on Friday nights I am tired and I just want to go to bed and as such I don’t remove my makeup. I know this is bad as everything I have read says you shouldn’t sleep in your makeup as it is not good for your skin but I figure 1 night a week is okay plus I wash my sheets on Saturday so I can clean any makeup off of them. Now the other reason I do this is on Saturday mornings I get up and write my blog about Friday night and although I really don’t dress just to stay at home I enjoy the time writing my blog as Susan so on Saturday morning I get up and touch up my makeup and I have a really casual red dress that I have used for when I am just at home that I put on and then my dark hair and I go downstairs.

I make some oatmeal for breakfast and eat as I do my blog. Now one reason I don’t dress and stay home as I really want to go out when I am Susan but the other reason is I am afraid someone especially family will stop by. Now my parents have a code to get into my garage as I am storing some of their stuff in my garage and of course once in the garage they could come into the house. Any way because of this I sit in the front living room facing the front window with the curtains open about half way so I can see if a car pulls into my drive plus I can also hear the garage door open in this room and this has happened on a few occasions and I had  to run upstairs and get in the shower. Now I have had a few close calls over the last few years. The problem is the unexpected.

Well I was sitting their this morning eating breakfast and writing my blog when I saw something move outside my front window, someone had walked up my front sidewalk, there was no car in the drive but I heard a knock on the front door. Now of course I had that moment of panic as I wondered who it was. I figured it was someone walking around selling something or maybe leaving political flyers. I thought about getting up and going into the kitchen incase they so they wouldn’t see me if they looked through the window.

Before I could get up and moved I saw someone looking through the window and I had that panic again as it was the neighbor lady, not one of the ones who knows about Susan at least not that I know. Now I am on the far side of the room and of course it is not real bright inside so I am sure she didn’t get a really good look at me but she waved at me and went back and knocked on the door again. Now I was caught between a rock and a hard space as she has seen someone and new there was someone home. I thought for a brief second and then got up and walked to the front door. I took a deep breath  and while standing kind of behind the door I opened it a couple inches, enough to talk with her. now she really couldn’t see me except for just a little bit of my face.

She asked if I was home using my male name. I as calmly as I could told her no he wasn’t. She asked when I would be home as she had no hot water and didn’t know what to do and was hoping I could come look at it. I told her he ( I ) should be home in about an hour and would let him know. she thanked me and left. I don’t know if she knew or recognized me. I went back and finished my breakfast thinking about what had just happened.

After breakfast I went and took a shower being sure to get all traces of makeup off. now back to my male self I had to work up the courage to go next door to my neighbors and see if I could help her. Now I think I more more worried and scared going over there lie this wondering if she new it was me or if she would say something about it or ask me who the woman was that answered my door.

I walked next door and checked things out, looks like she had just tripped a circuit breaker so I reset it. She thanked me for my help and we talked for a few minutes before I left and went back to my house. She never said anything about the person who answered the door or gave any indications she suspected anything.

After wards I wondered what she would have thought if I had just opened the door to her and let her meet me. Two of my neighbors do know about Susan and they seem fine with my this but they have never met Susan face to face. Maybe some day.

Well that was how my Saturday morning started off and it has made an interesting blog. Thanks for reading

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  1. That had to be one scary experience, one that we all fear. Thank you for sharing it with us!

    I once had a person from the electric company come into the backyard while I was on the back deck working on the computer. I bolted into the house, leaving my phone and computer on the table. It was one of the scariest experiences I’ve ever had, being found when it was totally unexpected.

    Comment by Sami Brown | January 24, 2016 | Reply

  2. […] tonight and we were going to get together. Now I was really looking forward to this even after my interesting morning. I was meeting Peggy at 6 so I started getting ready about 3:45. Now I was going to wear my black […]

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