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Saturday night at the Escape, my 4th night out this week.

Well it is Saturday and even though I have had a chance to be Susan 3 times this week I am going to go to the Escape tonight to hang out with my friends. I started getting ready at 4 so I could get there a little early as I do have a few things I need to do on my computer.  A nice shower and time to do my makeup. now I start with my foundation and wouldn’t you know it none comes out. Now I know I have another bottle but I can’t find it. Seems I didn’t put everything back after I hid everything during the Holidays when I had family over, I spent about 15 minutes looking for it before I resorted to using Q-tips to get as much foundation out of the bottle as I could and was able to get enough to do the job. Now don’t get me wrong still enjoyed getting ready just a little bump in the road which I am sure other woman have had happen.

I got all done with my makeup and was deciding what to wear tonight. Now if it is busy at the escape I will have to park across the street and walk so I decided I would wear my cream sweater and my 3” cream wedges as they are really comfortable. I started getting dressed and went to put my panty hose on and they had a run so I went to get another pair only to find out I had no more except for a pair of jet black ones. Well I knew the shoes would not look right and wasn’t sure about the dress so back to the closet. I looked over my dresses and I have a really cute dark blue dress I love but it is a little short but with jet black panty hose it would be fine as they almost looked like tights. I put them on only to find they are not the same size as I wear, they were really tight but I got them on and chose my 4” spiked heels as they look really good with this outfit. I was ready to go by 5:45 so I was going to be able to get there by 6.

I got my stuff and got in the car, as I sat down I noticed how short the dress was. Seems they always ride up when you sit but the black panty hose worked. Now with these heels I was hoping getting to the Escape early would let me park right in front. I got there just a little after 6 and there were several parking spots right in front of the door so I was happy. I got my stuff and started to get get out of the car and as I swung my legs out I felt my panty hose go and anyone who has worn panty hose knows if you can feel it then it is more than a run. I turned on the light in my car and I guess they were to tight as they were shredded on the right leg. I couldn’t wear them as they really looked bad so back into the car and I removed them so now I have a short dress that I will have to be careful with all night. I guess you have to have one of those nights where everything goes wrong.

I got inside and got a table and ordered dinner and got out my computer as I waited for others to show up. Laura H. and her friend Lisa were the first to arrive. Debbie and Laura M arrived a little later. We also had a few more girls show up so we had 9 of us all together. We had a nice time talking and watching football. We watched the last quarter of the Green Bay Packer and the Arizona Cardinal’s game. It was a really good ending, I am not a big football fan but when you get t the playoffs it is a lot more fun. Arizona won and I think from the reaction in the bar that was who most people were going for.

After the game they started Karaoke which is always fun, I don’t sing but it is fun to listen as some of them are really good. It was a good night out as always and after a rocky start it all went well other them being careful when I sat or stood with my short dress. It was about 11:45 when I went and paid my bill, said my goodbyes and left.

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