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Friday night, could be a quiet night

Well it has been a good week for Susan as I got out long enough for a manicure and pedicure on Tuesday and then again on Thursday for a short visit with my friend in the hospital and now Friday is here and I am going out again. now I wasn’t sure how many or even if any of our group would be out as I know Chris wont be at Sweethome tonight but I decided I would go anyway and at least have dinner. I really love my Susan time.

Okay I am going to take a little side track here as I have been getting a few people telling me I should transition and that I know I want to so I thought I would take up this topic and I want you all to know I did do a lot of thinking about this before I decided to put it in my blog. No I do not want to transition, I do not feel my body is wrong and I do not want to be a woman physically. now that being said do I think or wish I had breast, yes when I am Susan I would love to have real breast, wider hips, narrower waist, and while we are at it 6 inches shorter and smaller feet but this is just when I am Susan. when I am my male self I don’t wish for these things. I like my male side also and although the Susan side is stronger I need both so if I did transition full time I would still be a crossdresser as I would at times be crossdressing back to my male self which is strange to if you think about it.

Now yes if men could have long pretty nails I would do this all the time as I love them and yes if men could wear makeup I would probably do that all the time, if men could wear dresses and heels I would do that too but not all the time. there are parts of being Susan and being feminine I do wish I could do in my male life. now don’t get me wrong I love going out with my friends as they are a big part of my life and who I am, they have helped me become who I am but what I really miss is the for lack of a better word smaller things in life, the more routine normal day to day things. I think that is why I enjoyed spending time with my friend and his wife at the hospital. Why I love going and getting my nails done. the things woman do on their own or in small groups of one or two. To just be out as myself doing day to day things and being accepted. I have gone to many nails salons over the years and always been treated wonderful, Dream nails where I go now is awesome and they always treat me like I belong there. I do get a few looks from some of the other woman there but I have never had a bad experience or anyone treat me bad. I think it is more curiosity as they may never have seen someone like me but on occasion when I am sitting next to someone in the chair they will talk to me and that makes it all the better. I know they are not fooled by how I am dressed but when they can treat me like they would treat any other lady there then it is wonderful. s yes I would like to see Susan be an even bigger part of my life.

Now this year I can’t make it to Diva Las Vegas which is really sad as I do look forward to spending 12 days living full time as Susan and getting acrylic nails. On the other had this gives me a little over 2 weeks of vacation  have to use in the next 3 months and as I was saving most of it for Diva Las Vegas now I am thinking what else can I do. I will take a week in February and a week in March and I am thinking maybe of getting acrylic nails for one of those weeks and even if I don’t do that I will defiantly go to the nail salon and get them painted a pretty color and I will probably get the gel polish so they stay pretty the whole week, not sure if I will go any place though but it will be nice to have pretty nails.

Well back to tonight, I got all ready and was on my way by 6, I got there by 6:30 and parked and went in. it was a little busy but no one from my group was here. I sat at a table and got out my computer, went up to the bar and ordered dinner and caught up on some work while I waited. I was still not sure if any others would show up but I figured being Susan here and having dinner was better then being at home. Besides Sweethome has really good food. Now although no one from our group was here the other group that comes here was and I know several of them and a few of them came over and talked with me, Heather who is so sweet and awesome. she knows everyone and always has a hug for you and I think we all need more hugs. She came over and we talked for a while, Also Dawni and Mareinna (she was in boy mode tonight) came over and gave me hugs also. I really think this is the best part of being Susan, being feminine is that it is normal for woman to greet each other with a hug. You know this may be why woman live longer then men.

Well I decided to stay and see if any others showed up later so I finished up my work on my computer and then went into one of the chat rooms and chatted with a couple friends for a while. It was about 8:45 when I saw Robyn at the bar, she had just showed up. We sat together and she said Diane and a friend of hers name Jill were also going to be here tonight so that was nice. They both showed up around 10. I know Diane and it was good to see her again but I have never met Jill before and I really like meeting new people. Turns out Jill used to be in a band Called The Nasty Habits which is a Transgender rock band. She lives here by Portland now and she is in a new band also. how cool is that. It was nice to talk with her and get to know a little about her. It really was a fun night and it was 11:45 when I called it an evening.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day and remember be who you are and don’t let others influence you into being someone you are not.

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