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A wonderful Saturday

Okay lets start of with my friend. she had her surgery today 3 hours and it went well and she is back in her room recovering and doing great. I will refer to them as my friend and her wife as I don’t want to infringe on their privacy.

Now I had asked her to let me know when her surgery was as I had the weekend free and told her I would come keep her company so she wasn’t there by herself.  Now my friends wife sent me a message Saturday morning on Facebook that she would be going in for surgery between 11 and noon. It was early enough that it would allow me time to be Susan although I would have gone as my male self if needed.

Now so much of my Susan time is spent doing the same thing Dinner, shopping, going to bars with my friends, Harvey’s and even Diva Las Vegas and I do really enjoy all of this but what I really like is the is the everyday experiences. In my male life I have this, for those who have transitioned they have this but for a lot of crossdressers this is something that we miss out on because we have to hide this part of our lives. Today I got to do something that was special, although I was Susan it was not about being Susan or what I was doing it was about being there and supporting a friend as Susan, it gives me some normalcy in my life as Susan. This may be hard for some to understand as we are all a little different in what we like and need out of our time as the opposite gender but as I have said before this is about my experiences and what I want and need from being Susan.

Now I got ready and tried to keep it casual in both clothing and makeup. Now I do have casual clothes for the summer but not a lot for winter so I went with a knee length black skirt and black top and boots which I see a lot of woman wearing this time of year although my boots did have heels and my makeup was somewhat neutral although my lipstick may have been a little much as it looked a lot brighter in day light then it did in the bathroom under florescent light.

Susan Miller January 10 2016 (4)I got to the hospital by 10:30 and parked. now I did take one quick selfie before going in. Now I had sent her a message on Facebook I was there and she was out getting something from her car so we met in the parking lot and walked in together. I was glad I got there a little early as it gave me a chance to see my friend before she went into surgery. we had over an hour to talk before they came in and started getting her ready for surgery. It was just before noon when they took her to Surgery and her wife and I followed her down. They took her into the OR and her wife and I went and sat in the waiting room and talked for a little bit just incase the surgeon came out before the surgery to talk with her.

About 12:30 we walked down to the cafeteria to get something to eat as I am sure she has not been eating well. we had a nice lunch and talked and I tried to keep her mind off the surgery. It was about 1:30 when we got back to the OR waiting room and sat and talked more. her daughter was texting her so I got to hear a lot about her daughters and even her family. I really got a chance to get to know her and her family better and helped pass the time.

It was about 3:30 when the Surgeon came out and told us the surgery was a success and she was doing well and would be in recover for about an hour before being moved back to her room. We were both relieved and I could see my friends wife was now able to relax a little. we talked some more while we waited for her while she was in recovery.

It was about 4:45 when they brought her out and we all went back to her room. It was wonderful to see her again and my friends wife was so relived to see her, I know how hard this was on her. Back in the room she was looking good but still under the anesthetic. About 6 she started to come out from under the Anesthetic and was even able to talk a little which was so wonderful. I got to talk to her a little before I left.

It was about 6:20 when I told them goodbye and left. It was truly a wonderful day and I am so glad my friend is doing so well. Now it may sound selfish but what I got from today was something I will remember always as it wasn’t about being female or being Susan it was about me being there as me as any other woman would.

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