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Friday evening out.

It has been a long couple weeks with the Holidays and I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and  a Happy New Years. with the Holidays over I am hoping to get back into a more regular routine of time as Susan. With that I was really looking forward to tonight and time out. I started getting ready before 5 so I could take my time. I was ready and on my way by 6, I guess I didn’t take as long as I thought getting ready.

I got to Sweethome by 6:30 and went in. Chris was there as always and so was Samantha, she drove up for the day. She actually spent the day up here and even went to a movie which is fun. it was good to see here again as it has been a while. I ordered dinner as they had their New York Steak dinner tonight which is always good. I got a chance to talk to Samantha some and find out what was new.

We talked about the important things like false eye lashes which I am still trying to get the hang of. one time they go on perfect the first time and look great and stay on. next time I can try 4 or 5 times and still can’t get them. which I wouldn’t mind so much but when I am trying to get ready to go out it slows me down and I give up. we also talked about nails and going to the nail salon. A man next to us fond our conversation interesting and soon he was asking questions about going to the nail salon and getting his nails done. Roxy also showed up along wit another girl so we had 5 of us tonight.

The bar was pretty busy tonight and the other group was here which is always nice as I have gotten to know some of them and I look forward to seeing and talking to them also. Angie came over and we talked for a while. she showed us all some of her pictures of her and her family, one of the great things of cell phones as we all have so many pictures of ourselves and our lives and what is important to us. it was fun to see her family and pictures from her past. Michele was also here along with Alexis and Mareinna in boy mode.

It was a fun night, Karaoke started about 10 and it was fun to listen to the people sing, some really good and some not so go but still fun. I really think if you can get up and sing in front of people then you are good. This really is a nice neighborhood bar.

I stayed till about 11:30 before  called it a night. I have  a busy day Saturday so I didn’t want to stay out too late.


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